Why Did Inspira Technologies (IINN) Stock Surged In Extended Session?

The maker of innovative respiratory care technology, Inspira Technologies Oxy B.H.N. Ltd. (NASD: IINN), increased by 5.63% to $1.69 in after-hours trading hours on the previous check Thursday as the business received approval for clinical research.


Inspira Technologies (IINN) has been granted permission by the Sheba Medical Center Ethics Committee to use its HYLA blood sensor as part of a clinical investigation involving open-heart surgery patients. The investigation is expected to begin in 2023.

IINN will be working on an optical blood sensor called the HYLA that will assess blood parameters using machine learning algorithms. The system will be able to provide real-time data during extracorporeal treatments when used as part of a patient’s monitoring system.

In order to warn doctors of sudden changes in the health of patients, key blood parameters will be continuously and in the moment measured by the HYLA blood sensor, which can be integrated or standalone. By doing so, they would be able to respond quickly to sudden changes in extracorporeal blood oxygenation circuit performance, such as blood clotting, gas supply failures, system failures, and blood recirculations. It may be possible to improve patient outcomes, reduce problems, and lower healthcare costs by seeking medical help as early as possible.


Last month, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent to Inspira Technologies for the INSPIRA ART System (USPTO) for the new dual-lumen cannula device and method of use. In accordance with the U.S. patent grant, the Corporation intends to apply for comparable patents in additional nations. The 20 claims in the approved patent are original, innovative, and have industrial applications.

As Inspira Technologies (IINN) explains, the convertible dual-lumen cannula will likely be integrated with a greater number of Inspira devices in the future, as well as commercialized in disposable products.

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