Axie Infinity (AXS): The Blockchain Game Disrupting the Gaming Industry

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a blockchain-based game that has recently taken the world by storm. The game allows players to collect, breed, and battle creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity has gained popularity in the gaming world due to its play-to-earn model, which enables players to earn cryptocurrency while playing the game. In this article, we […]

Decentraland (MANA): The Next Frontier of Virtual Real Estate

Although the concept of virtual real estate is not novel, having existed since the era of Second Life where users could purchase and sell virtual properties, the emergence of blockchain technology has given virtual real estate a fresh lease of life, with Decentraland (MANA) spearheading the revolution. Decentraland is an autonomous, blockchain-based virtual environment that empowers users […]