Monaco (MCO) Listed on Bithumb while Going Up for 100%

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Monaco (MCO), a currency based in Switzerland, has marked a great set of rises during the last week, making it maybe the top performing coin in the market in the course of 7 days. MCO, which although is named “Monaco”, has nothing to do with Monaco in reality, given the fact that it is based in Switzerland. However, this token is not only tied to Switzerland as its dev team is spreading their connection while making their coin adoptable in Singapore. Let’s see how Monaco managed to get around 100% of rises in the course of a couple of days as well as how this currency is doing at the current moment.

Monaco Gets Listed on a New Exchange

Bithumb is one of the biggest exchange markets in South Korea, and as we all know, South Korea is among top leading countries in adoption of digital currencies and decentralized platforms.

That means that having a coin or a token listed on this exchange makes up for a big deal for the listed coin. Monaco, MCO, will as of today, on April 19th, become available for all investors and holders on Bithumb as well where it would be available for live trading, selling and purchasing as well as sending and receiving MCO tokens. This is an amazing progress for this not-so-heard-of token as its visibility in the eyes of investors is consequently rising. Moreover, its visibility is not the only value being increased as MCO tokens are jumping high up in the market with an amazing increase that in one moment went over 101%.

That is how this currency is now dealing at a pretty flattering price of around 13$ with the latest increase marked at around 60% against the dollar.

Having this token listed on one of the major exchange markets certainly had a portion of intake for the current situation on the market for Monaco tokens as it made MCO more visible, more accessible and more attainable. It is expected to see more exchanges adding this currency to their listings if it is to take its latest progress into consideration.

Monaco Tokens and Singapore Visa

In case you are wondering, the main objective of Monaco platform and the dev team behind MCO tokens is to promote and contribute to the adoption of crypto debit cards. This is the case because this company is aiming at making cryptocurrency massively adopted, so they are using the approach of making crypto assets even more scalable and easy to use with the introduction of crypto debit cards.

That is how Monaco dev team went on with partnering up with Singapore in order to be able to issue Visa-branded debit cards that would become available for usage in Singapore.

Monaco is actually able to issue Visa-branded cards as they have previously received an official approval from Visa representatives. However, it would be difficult even with the permission to enable crypto debit cards and bring them to mass adoption – this is a pretty manageable situation, but it is more likely to provide fruits of hard labor in the time to come.

Further on this matter, given the fact that Visa has indeed provided permission for Monaco MCO to issue Visa-branded crypto debit cards; it is more likely the case that this Switzerland-based company will find a way of crossing the border between traditional fiat values, and cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Monaco and the Market

Monaco is doing exceptionally well with some of the biggest gains of the week and the record of 101% of collected rises during a very short period of time.  Although still unheard of, Monaco has made its record price back in September of 2017 when this token was being traded at the price of around 24$ per one MCO token.

The currency was also taken over by the most recent market dip, so it has seen some dark times during its time. However, after the latest change in the market, this token is showing an amazing pace of growth while it is successfully bouncing off.

During the latest wave of raises, MCO token has gone through an increase of 59.19% against the dollar, while this currency is also showing rises in oppose to ETH and BTC while dealing up and over 50% against Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is actually an amazing progress given the fact that ETH and BTC are trading up at this moment.

Currently ranked as 77th currency according to the global coin ranking list, MCO is set to get back to its record price pretty soon in case it continues with the current rate of growth in the market.

After the latest change in the market, MCO can be bought at the price of 13.92$ per one unit.


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