Weekly Recap: Here Are Some Good Crypto Opportunities Out There

The cryptocurrency market has been in a stalemate. The bearish momentum continues for the market as the king and queen of the market lose value. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization continues its downtrend and has lost 1.22% of its value during the day – currently standing at $2.21 trillion.

In this newsletter, we will take you around some of the good opportunities that the bearish crypto market represents.

Highlights of the week

Here are the top developments that happened around the market:

  • Bitcoin continues to be bearish, currently standing at a price level of $46,267 while Ethereum is following suit with the king of the market and stands at $3,745.
  • DeFi tokens like Yearn Finance, Uniswap, Aave, and Compound have been surging and pulling the DeFi segment upwards with themselves
  • The NFT segment is also soaring as Ethereum’s NFT marketplace OpenSea records another $3 billion month
  • Samsung has also decided to add NFT support to its TV lineup in 2022
  • Alphabet, Nvidia, and Gamestop have outperformed the king of cryptocurrencies during 2021
  • Ethereum betting site Polymarket was fined $1.4 million by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for not being registered to offer binary options contracts
  • Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Bitcoin Cash and called it nothing more than a failure
  • El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele is a fan of cryptocurrencies. Bukele has predicted Bitcoin to reach $100k in 2022

Top Weekly Gainers

Despite the bearish outlook of the cryptocurrency market, there is not going to be a shortage of altcoins that are surging upwards. These outliers present a great investment opportunity if done right. Here are the top picks:

Hyperion (HYN) is the top performer on our list. The cryptocurrency has shown a phenomenal performance during the week and has surged upwards by 161%. The cryptocurrency has established a new all-time high at $1.25 during the upside surge. Currently, the token is standing near the ATH at a price level of $1.07. Hyperion is the Google Maps for the blockchain world.

Safemoon has been on a sharp decline ever since November and the bulls appeared to have died down for the cryptocurrency; however, the token reversed its trajectory as the new year began. Safemoon has surged upwards by 60% during the past week. While the daily performance is down by 8%, the upcoming days will make it clear whether the bulls will sustain or not.

MetisDAO established a new all-time high towards the end of December and the bullish momentum was sustained in the new year as well. The cryptocurrency is up by 52% during the past week – making it to our top performers’ list. Currently, the token is standing at a price level of $213 and the daily price performance does not show any major moves. MetisDAO has been designed to facilitate the move of applications from web 2.0 to web 3.0.

Phantasma (SOUL) has been on a gradual uptrend during the month of December and the cryptocurrency has exploded upward as the new year began. It has surged upwards by 46% during the past week while the current price of $3.65 is skirting close to the ATH level established a month ago. The bullishness is expected to sustain the cryptocurrency and a new ATH may soon be established – making it one of the top coins to watch currently.

Flux is the final top performer on our list but should not be underestimated. The cryptocurrency accumulated gains worth 40% during the past seven days while the token is currently standing at a new all-time high price of $3.03. The daily price movement also shows positive developments and the bulls may continue to sustain for the cryptocurrency.

Top Weekly Losers

As the cryptocurrency market is struggling with bearish momentum, altcoins are also sharply declining but the bearish coins also present buying opportunities. Here is a list of some of the top losers of the past week:

Icon (ICX) has had a brutal decline after seeing a short period of bullishness towards the end of December. The bears took the cryptocurrency in a strong grip and caused the token to decline by 36% during the past seven days. Currently, the token is standing at a price level of $1.20. Icon is working towards increasing interoperability in the realm by connecting online communities with enterprises seamlessly.

Joe (JOE) has been under a somewhat consolidatory period in December but the consolidation ended on a bad note as the cryptocurrency started off a steep downward trajectory. The cryptocurrency has declined by 29% during the past week. Currently, the token stands at a price level of $1.78. Joe is the native token of the decentralized exchange, Trader Joe.

GlitzKoin (GTN) established its all-time high at $2.15 at the beginning of November; however, the cryptocurrency fell to market corrections and embarked on a steep downward trend. The downtrend has sustained up till now and Glitzcoin declined by 27% during the past week.  Glitzcoin is aimed at utilizing blockchain technology for the diamond industry.

Kadena (KDA) has declined by 22% during the past week as the cryptocurrency is on a steady downtrend which began towards the end of December. The daily price movement also indicates the continuation of the downtrend as the token is losing value. Kadena now stands at a price level of $11.25.

Audius (AUDIO) had also shown some bullish momentum during the end of December but the momentum could not last as the cryptocurrency started falling. During the past week, the cryptocurrency has fallen by 18% while the daily price movement also shows a decline. Audius is a decentralized music streaming platform powered by blockchain technology.

Hot ICOs to Watch Out For

Active ICOs

If investing in cryptocurrencies does not offer the kind of thrill you seek, then another way to get high returns from the cryptocurrency market is to invest in ICOs. Here are some of the active projects that you can invest into:

Ouro is an inflation-proof store of value – much required in a world that is currently hit by double-digit inflation. The inflation translated into the growth of crypto assets is migrated to Ouro which makes it immune to inflations in the US Dollar. The token sale of the project will end in two days while the team has set up their fundraising goal at $1,250,000.

Agoric is aiming to build an interoperable proof-of-stake blockchain and economy which is geared towards empowering its users by giving them all control instead of the control accumulating to a central authority. The token sale will end today while the project has raised 100% of its fundraising goal – $90,250,000.

Arenum is a project in the NFT gaming segment and aims to facilitate the evolution of mobile gaming and cryptocurrencies. The platform has various incentivizing mechanisms in place that are designed to engage players and other users in the long term. The ICO of the project is currently going on with no ending date set yet.

Merit Circle is creating a decentralized autonomous organization that will enable developments in the metaverse realm. The DAO is designed to reward and incentivize people all the while creating play-to-earn opportunities for developers who want to work in the metaverse realm. The token sale will end in a month with the fundraising goal set at $110,000,000.

CryptoZeroFi is an NFT-based game built on one of the largest blockchains, Binance Smart Chain. It is essentially a combat role-play game with the goal of zero fees as well as integration of the metaverse. The token sale has been live since 3rd January.

Upcoming ICOs

While investing in ICOs may sound exciting, it requires a lot of research which is why it is a smart choice to take a look at the upcoming ICOs:

Hubble is a decentralized finance protocol built on top of Solana. It is a fee-sharing protocol aimed at maximizing portfolio efficiency for users. The token sale will begin on 11th January and will last for a while. The team has set up a fundraising goal of $3,900,000.

Starly.io is another good project to watch out for. The project is working in the gaming and NFT segment and is creating a fostering environment for artists to build up their economies around NFT collectible cards. The token sale will begin on 15th January with a fundraising goal of $6,130,000.

ZooDAO is a platform aimed at enabling users to generate passive income from NFTs through gamification. The platform enables NFT staking and play. The token sale of the project will begin somewhere in January with the exact date yet to be announced. The goal of the ICO is to raise $650,000.

Muon Network has turned nodes into a service. The project is aiming to facilitate the metaverse economy through decentralized cloud computing, cross-chain bridging, and much more. The ICO of the project will start in January with a fundraising goal of $2,940,000.

The final project on our list is Deip. The project is working towards the development of the new era of the internet, web 3.0. It is a collection of tools, protocols, and applications for the creator economy. The ICO is expected to begin in January.

Ended ICOs

Here is a list of some of the ended projects that have ended:

  • Solice is a VR-based metaverse platform built on Solana. The project ended on 3rd January, raising $4,920,000
  • Avocado Dao is a collection of contributors in the metaverse realm. The project raised $27,200,000
  • Abachi is aimed at increasing the adoption of DeFi. The ICO raised $3,080,000
  • MeanFi is a web 3.0 banking application that raised $3,750,000 through its ICO
  • World of Defish is a decentralized NFT gaming universe that raised $500,000

Hottest Airdrops

Get your hands on some of the hottest airdrops currently going on

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  • Visit the OpenDao claim page
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  • If you are eligible, you will be able to claim free SOS tokens

iExec Airdrop

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