Weekly Market Recap: Crypto News, Top Movers, ICOs & Hottest Airdrops

The new coronavirus variant had wreaked havoc on markets – including the cryptocurrency market. However, the market may be seeing a retracement to its previous highs as news about the new variant’s mildness flooded the markets.

In today’s newsletter, we will take you around the highs and lows of the market to help you identify good investment opportunities.

Highlights of the week

Here are the top developments that happened around the market:

  • The new coronavirus variant, Omicron, has resulted in market crashes and the cryptocurrency market was not immune to it either. BTC fell towards $53.5k while ETH was trading below $4,000
  • The crypto market has somewhat recovered with the king of the market up to $57k and the queen trading well above $4,000
  • Adidas had been teasing a crypto partnership and it appears that the leading sports brand may be partnering up with one of the largest NFT collections, Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Jack Dorsey has stepped down as CEO of Twitter, giving way to Twitter CTO Parag Agarwal. While Agarwal does not have the social media presence or pull of Dorsey, he is still expected to advance Twitter’s crypto mission
  • Israel is advancing its research into Central Bank Digital Currencies despite some reservations. The country wants to be on the forefront of the CBDC race
  • Budweiser – the beer brand – has also delved into the NFT realm by launching Ethereum-based 1,936 NFTs ranging from $499 to $999
  • A trillion-dollar investment firm, Invesco, has launched its first European exchange-traded Bitcoin product in partnership with CoinShares
  • Thailand is working on a local cryptocurrency exchange in order to attract crypto millionaires to boost its tourism industry

Top 5 Gainers of the Week

Despite the largely bearish market, there is not going to be a shortage of gainers in the cryptocurrency realm. Here are the top five gainers to watch out for:

Hive is the top-performing cryptocurrency with an increase of 139% during the past week. The cryptocurrency has been on a bullish roll since the beginning of November. The bulls strengthened as the last week of November approached and Hive reached a new all-time high. The ATH now stands at $3.34 while the current price is at $2.84. Hive is a decentralized information-sharing network.

Request is the second well-performing token with a weekly surge of 134%. The network has planned a lot of developments in the upcoming days which has been fueling the bullish surge of the cryptocurrency. Request is planning to launch escrow services, payment streaming, a Zilliqa chain along with crypto to fiat transfers, and many more.

Gitcoin has increased by 103% during the past week. The cryptocurrency climbed to a new all-time high but started declining afterward. Currently, the token stands at a price level of $17.39. Gitcoin describes itself as a community of creators and protocols that have combined their synergies towards the development of the open internet.

Gala reached for a new all-time high during the week after which the cryptocurrency began declining. The new ATH lies at $0.83 with the current price at $0.63. The cryptocurrency shows a gain of 69% in the weekly timeframe with the daily performance being down by 13%. Gala had recently announced to deploy $1 billion for gaming development in Korea. The gaming guild has also been adding new games consistently.

Phantasma is the final gainer of the week which had also reached a new all-time high recently. The weekly performance shows a growth of 63% in the price level with the new ATH lying at $3.48. The current price is $3.40. Phantasma is a fast and feature-packed blockchain with micro fees. It has been specifically curated for NFTs and gaming.

Top Weekly Losers

The lows of the market always accompany the highs. Here are some of the top losers of the week that have been hit by brutal market corrections:

Humanscape is the top loser of the week with a loss of 38%. The cryptocurrency has been tumbling downwards due to market corrections after prolonged bullishness resulted in a new all-time high. Humanscape is a blockchain-based patient network designed for patients with incurable diseases.

Dvision Network has lost 32% of its value during the past week amidst price retracements. The cryptocurrency established a new all-time high in the middle of the month but fell to brutal corrections subsequently. Currently, the token stands at $1.86 with the daily price movements showing a positive change of 4% – indicating a possible trend shift.

Woo Network has been on a steady decline ever since the ATH of $1.78 was recorded in early November. The cryptocurrency has fallen by 31% during the week and the bearish pressures appear to be very strong. Woo Network is a deep liquidity network connecting various players of the market.

Radio Caca has declined by 31% during the week. The cryptocurrency – like the others in the list – has been under strong bearish pressures in the form of market corrections after a new all-time high was established. Currently, the token stands at a price level of $0.0051 and the daily price movements also show a decline of more than 12%. Radio Caca is the native token for Universal Metaverse.

Voyager Token is the top loser out of the top hundred cryptocurrencies by market cap. The cryptocurrency has fallen by 24% during the week as market corrections overtook the coin. Voyager Token is a cryptocurrency broker which aims to serve as a trusted access point to crypto for investors.

Hot ICOs to Watch Out For

Active ICOs

ICOs can be utilized to maximize the yields from the cryptocurrency market. We have compiled a list of some of the good active projects in the market:

WingSwap is a decentralized finance platform. It is the first of its kind which provides both – an automated market maker as well as NFT farming functionalities on Fantom. The platform aims to become the leader of DeFi by providing all DeFi solutions in one place. The token sale will end in fifteen hours and the project has set its fundraising goal at $400,000.

Another DeFi project currently holding its ICO is DePocket. DePocket is a decentralized finance dashboard which allows users to easily manage not just their cryptocurrency assets but also NFTs. The token sale is ending soon but the project will also be holding an IDO afterwards. The fundraising goal of the ICO is $1,010,000 – out of which the project has managed to raise $590,000 up till now.

ShopNext is a shop-to-earn crypto onboarding platform with support from Binance Pay and Binance Smart Chain. The platform rewards users with free cryptocurrencies for shopping with ShopNext partners and is one of the easiest ways to earn crypto. The ICO will end on the 1st of December and the project has raised 94% of its fundraising goal.

Popcorn is a project ICO investors must watch. The project is focused on DeFi and creating a positive global impact. Popcorn is making DeFi products accessible to the masses. Moreover, the earnings of the organization are designed to fund social impact organizations. The ICO of the project will end in two days.

Prometheus is an interesting addition to the NFT gaming arena. It is the first multi-chain game that has hybridized war chess and card play on mythology. The NFT-based game has some good features. The token sale of Prometheus will end in two days. The project has been able to raise $2,330,000 out of the total fundraising goal of $2,850,000.

Upcoming ICOs

Investing in ICOs is a great way to get involved in a project but since ICOs are riskier, it requires a great deal of research. Here are some upcoming projects that you can look into:

Flux Protocol is a cross-chain oracle aggregator which enables smart contracts with economically secure data feeds. Flux is regarded to be the oracle of the future. It offers low transaction fees and fast and completely secure data resolutions. The token sale will begin on the 1st of December.

Biconomy is a next-generation multichain relayer protocol. The aim of the project is to make DeFi accessible and easy to use which is why they are building infrastructure for web 3.0 which is designed to do just that. The token sale of Biconomy will begin on the 1st of December. The project has set its fundraising goal at $21,100,000.

Creaticles is the first-of-its-kind platform that allows users to request custom NFTs from the NFT art community. It is essentially a decentralized application that connects NFT creators with buyers. The token sale will begin on the 1st of December and the project has set its fundraising goal at $38,000,000.

Lumerin is turning hashpower into a commodity. It is essentially a peer-to-peer network that enables data stream routing on the basis of smart contract rules. Lumerin will be the world’s first peer-to-peer decentralized hashpower commodity market. The ICO of the project will begin on the 1st of December. Lumerin has set its fundraising goal at $30,000,000.

Silo is a non-custodial lending protocol to borrow against any crypto asset. The Silo protocol is secure, efficient, and trustless. Moreover, the protocol isolates risk which ensures users’ risk is minimized. The ICO sale of the project will begin on the 6th of December. Silo has set up its fundraising goal at $10,000,000.

Ended ICOs

Here is a list of some of the ended projects that have ended:

  • OneRare is the world’s first food metaverse. The project’s ICO ended on 27th November and managed to raise $2,260,000
  • Dtravel is a decentralized solution for home sharing. The token sale ended on 26th November and around $7,500,000 was raised through it.
  • Holoride makes use of Extended Reality to turn the journey into virtual reality for passengers by utilizing data points from the vehicle in real-time. The project raised $6,000,000
  • NuNet is a global economy of decentralized computing. The ICO of the project ended on 26th November and raised $2,000,000
  • MonoX is a multi-layer and multi-chain DEX. The project raised $5,400,000

Hottest Airdrops

Get your hands on some of the hottest airdrops currently going on

HolySharks Airdrop

  • Visit the HolySharks giveaway page
  • Submit your details and sign up
  • Complete social tasks to earn entries
  • Refer friends to earn more entries
  • 5,000 participants will be selected at random to win 100 HLS each

MechCraft Airdrop

  • Visit the MechCraft airdrop page
  • Submit your details and sign up
  • Complete social tasks to earn entries
  • Refer friends to earn more entries
  • Top thirty participants will win $500 worth of NFTs each

Trade Futures

  • Create an account on Binance
  • First time Future users who deposit at least $50 in their future wallets and trade futures will stand a chance to win up to 500 BUSD
  • A total of 50 winners will be selected

Woo Network Airdrop

  • Visit the Woo Network registration page
  • Sign up with your details
  • Verify your email
  • Deposit and stake WOO
  • A snapshot will be taken every week to determine each user’s reward every day
  • Eligible stakers will receive WOO proportionate to that staked by them

SingularityDAO Airdrop

  • Visit the SingularityDAO airdrop page
  • Buy at least 10 SDAO before 10th December and hold them until 26th December
  • Every 10 SDAO held will give you one entry
  • Sign up on the giveaway form by entering your details
  • One lucky participant will win 1000 SDAO while 10 participants will be selected to win 100 SDAO each

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