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Tron (TRX) has been busy celebrating its recent independence from Ethereum as they now move closer to achieving their goal of utilizing this true independence for the overall benefit. The entire event was live streamed effortlessly by the TIG for a total duration of 12 hours, covering interviews of all the candidates who will be contesting in the upcoming SR elections today UTC +8.

This is Tron communities first ever SR election, depending on the votes of which, 27 representants will be elected to safeguard Tron’s network throughout. Once, these 27 SRs take over governance of the network, their main net that is already launched will enter the constitutional phase. During this phase, the system will be co-governed by the entire Tron community and this will mark the final phase of an Independent Tron TRX Main Net. The event that will also come to light is the migration of Tron from ERC20 to become one of the most globally competitive and well-governed major public blockchains.

As already mentioned, the elected SRs will be held responsible for governing the main net and supporting the subsequent SR elections. The elections will be held every 6 hours and a list of the eligible Super Representative Candidates with their complete details is provided by the team along with a voter guide. All the members of the Tron community can vote and participate in the democratic elections to be part of the History.

Following is the list of Super Representative Candidates:

34rth, Alphacoin fund, Antpool, Beecool, Bitcoin god, Bitcoin world, Bixin IM, BTCC Pool, Charity compassion coin, ChainDDApp, COBO, Coinnest, Community Node, Crypto Girl, CryptoChain, CryptoGuyInZA, D2F, DAC, DAG, Dexnode, Don Giatti, Free Space,, Genesis Capital, Gifto,, Helloworld, Hyperpay, Infinity stones, Linkvc, MDT, Next genius, Node Capital, Odyssey [OCN], Ok Blockchain Capital, Read, RightBTC, Sesameseed, Skypeople, Team TronCenter, Team Tronics, TFUND, Top One, Tron Community Group, Tron Canada, Tron Europe, Tron Italian Pool, Tron Korea, Trons Tronics, Tronwatch, and Zadea.

BitMEX listing update:

The world’s 11th largest digital asset is so close to attaining complete Independence with the activation of its Main Net and completion of the token migration. The latest updates from Tron’s team threw some light on the expected BitMEX TRXU18 listing which has been postponed due to the current Binance system downtime. On popular demand, they had decided to list BitMEX TRON/Bitcoin sometime soon and the dates for the same have been announced. The listing will go live on the 28th of September this year futures contract, TRXU18, on or before 26th June 8:30 UTC. Further updates about the postponed listing will be posted by the team when appropriate prior to the activity.

After almost 4 weeks of break-free efforts from the developer’s team to transit their ERC-20 std tokens to their own brand new TRX-20 tokens, Tron is now taking off from its launch pad, leaving behind Ethereum in ashes. It will soon be flying high Independently with the founder, Justin Sun piloting the entire journey. The entire team of Tron deserves to be appreciated and applauded for such a historic and confident transition.

Tron [TRX]’s market performance:

Out of the blue is a surprise that Tron has silently slid to the 11th position from the 10th despite as seen at the time of writing, despite the buzz of activities. This is technically not a surprise as this was witnessed during the Beta version launch of the Tron main net as well on the 31st of May. Tron TRX had dipped down tremendously for a very long time before gaining the top 10th and then the top 9th position recently which it gloriously withheld for a long time. It is now trading at $0.041 with more than 12% fall over the week and 2.55% for the last 24 hours. The market cap stands at $2.69 billion which is considered a low value for such a popular and capable currency. Tron TRX has had its roller coaster ride all its quarter and this is just another speed breaker before the actual acceleration occurs.

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