Tron [TRX]’s second major step for their official independence from the Ethereum network has gone live today, 10 am June 25th, as the process of token migration and the actual launch of their main net will commence. Todays’ event will put a complete end to their dependence on the Ethereum blockchain network and the use of ERC-20 tokens instead of their own TRX. Henceforth, Tron can proudly flaunt their own digital asset, TRX-20 which is supported by more than 50 exchanges across the world with over 100 trading pairs already.

There is a group of volunteers to whom the Tron community owes big time as they were behind making the migration quick and easy. Safeguarding millions worth TRX during this token swapping, are the bunch of Heroes, as the team calls them, who have worked relentlessly behind the scenes invisibly. The initiation of their main net was completed by Tron’s Independent Group [TIG] which is a community, consensus-based group. The group consists of a total number of 27 anonymous Genesis Representatives [GR] who have volunteered for this role and they are the ones who will be in charge of the entire process until the actual Super representatives [SR] are elected, replacing the GR’s.

The 27 unique SR’s who will be guardians of the Tron’s network once they commence their roles, will be elected on the 26th of June and for which the results will be declared on the last day of this month. The number of candidates who have stepped up to participate in the historic elections is enormous considering the fact and popularity Tron [TRX] has gained over the course of time.

Tron foundation announced earlier this month as they released a guide to the entire voting process:

“We are excited to have the TRON community take part in this democratic process of candidacy and voting. We urge all TRON supporters to vote on June 26th and be a part of TRON history!”

What exactly is the entailed role of the TIG?

  1. Providing SR candidates with a fast track for TRX exchange so they can file an application.
  2. Providing services to the other major end i.e. major exchanges supporting the token migration so that they can provide TRX to stakeholders based on the Tron [TRX] main net.
  3. A part of the TRX held by Tron foundation has been entrusted with the TIG considering safety aspects and this is one of the major responsibility that the TIG has to bear. The TIG is responsible for storing the total of 342 million worth TRX that has been entrusted, in a distributed manner (in 1000 different addresses) significantly reducing the risk of the asset. The stakeholders and the entire community will be aware of the addresses and tracking details in the next 3 days, as the team will announce it.
  4. They were also responsible for the live streaming covering the entire 12-hour process starting from 10 am today on all major social media platforms where the SR’s will get an opportunity and a channel for the community and stakeholders to be updated with the most recent information.
  5. Finally, they will also be responsible to hand out a small amount of TRX during the live streaming to the community so they can test the different main net features available.

According to the latest update from the founder, Justin Sun, “The first batch of new #TRX token during the raffle in live stream was already distributed to #TRONICS new #TRON addresses, #TRONICS can enjoy our free, autonomous, and self-governed decentralized internet with high TPS now.”

Along with a full-fledged live stream that will go for 12 hours covering all aspects of the main net, the team has been regularly updating short announcements and other necessary posts relating to the migration. A tutorial on the Tron [TRX] Android wallet, Web wallet as well as the Cobo [IOS] wallet has also been published. The team also expressed its gratitude, “We’d like to extend our gratitude to the unsung heroes during the main net initiation- TIG.”

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