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Ontology (0NT) – No need to fear again, put a smile on your face. Now the slogan of crypto users and lovers. The market seems to be on another run towards the North and users who were earlier wailing are now fantasizing and bellowing with hopes for more success run.

As the market turns green today, some coins are greener than the other. Greenest in the market today is Ontology, a blockchain network that syndicates data exchange, identity verification and procedure protocols together to create solution to many real world problems.

While the chiefs and dons of the crypto market maintains a percentage rise of less than 10% in the last 24hrs, a combo boom was found in the hands of Ontology (ONT) as the altcoin rose with 22.2% in the latest market turnaround as at the time of writing this article according to Coinranking.

Presently priced $5.62 against Dollars today after being traded $4.38 in the last 24 hours, Ontology is thriving above all other coins in the market. Even though Ontology is on the rise, it has been proved according to price index that the altcoin, in the last 7 days, has lost some of its value amounting to about 13.07%.

While the last 30 days was also featured with 12.57% decrease, the altcoin had earlier attained a high price of $8.75 within the same span. With the latest rise, the total market capitalization of the altcoin is $849,696,480, and its 24hrs trade volume has reached $143.09 million.

Ontology MainNet Pre launch

Many are wondering why Ontology (ONT) is on the rise as the market looks prepared for the moon after maintaining a low level for some times now. Among the possible reasons why the blockchain technology is the highest gainer among the top cryptocoin according to analysts is that it is preparing for its MainNet pre-launch in San Francisco tomorrow.

Ontology team twitted:

“We’re holding our MainNet pre-launch in San Francisco tomorrow. For those who didn’t manage to get a ticket in the lucky draw, the event will be filmed and published online after for all to see. We look forward to our MainNet transition this week with you!”

After the pre-launch, Ontology’s MainNet will go live on June 30th, 2018. It is worthy to note that Ontology maintains two token model: ONT and ONG. While the first, which is ONT is a NEP-5 token, it does not release ONG. However, after the MainNet launch, users will be able to exchange NEP-5 ONT for ONT on the Ontology MainNet that is expected to begin to release ONG periodically. After the launch, all NEP-5 ONT are directed to migrate to the Ontology MainNet.

Ontology Partners Contentos Public Blockchain Solutions for Content

This month, Ontology (ONT) and Contentos publicized a collaboration where the two firms will render their experience and expertise to work on blockchain research, application development, and community building.

According to the announcement, Ontology (ONT) Global Capital will invest in Contentos by using its blockchain technology to reshape the content industry.

While the collaboration is seen as a step in a good direction for digital content, the two projects will be building a new global decentralized digital content ecosystem, leveraging distributed infrastructure with video applications and people.

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