WICC Altcoin

WaykiChain (WICC) has been in the crypto verse for a while now and appears to be headed the right direction. It is gaining ground in the gambling industry due to its speeds and ability to handle over 1000 transactions in a single second.

If you are a gambler searching for a safe, secure and stable gambling platform, this is the right one for the demanding user. What’s more; it is decentralized which protects you from manipulation and other corrupt practices associated with the gambling and betting industry.

WaykiChain (WICC) seeks to develop a system where industry fanatics get real time results and an interactive environment. To grow their investor numbers, the team behind the project presents a platform with near zero operational costs and you do not have to be a geek to build Apps on the network.

WaykiChain Use Cases and Applications

One of the obvious use cases of the WaykiChain ecosystem is development of Apps in the sport and event betting industry. Betting has become a lucrative venture and this is a good opportunity for individual ls and firms to explore the opportunities in the entertainment industry.

The WaykiChian Betting app, which also works as a wallet enable users to use it for internal WICC transactions and makes payments for creating betting and gambling smart contracts. According to the ecosystem whitepaper, Android and iOS applications will be introduced in Q3 and this will come in handy for users with mobile gadgets that they can use to store their WICC coins on the go.

The WaykiChain Application is highly transparent and it has revolutionary display features that are not available in traditional systems. This allows you to view all ongoing transactions, results drawn in an open and transparent way.

WaykiChain App for the World cup

The release of the WaykiChain App could not have come at a better time. Its timing has seen a WICC price surge and this could set the price rolling after the global event. Although the App is still in the beta stages, it is set to ignite the coin uptake that should culminate in high traction rates.

WaykiChain (WICC) users are enjoying the convenience and the security the app comes with. Instant results and payout combination makes user trust the outfit and this is set to increase its uptake. It app has a search option which gives you quick access to your favorite bets among other features.

With the global event entering into the second stage, sport betting is at its peak and this could turn out to be the catalyst for the steadily growing platform in terms of usability and traction. Getting listed on the Lcex recently was also a boost for the platform which saw the number of platforms supporting the coin rise to 20.

WaykiChain Price Outlook

To date, WICC performance in the charts is no doubt one of the best and the last few days has seen it rise steadily. At the time of reporting, the coin is among the top ten performers in the last 24 hours trading in the green with a double digit growth.

The bearish trend is poised to continue in the next coming days setting a future prosperity pace. The coin is trading at $0.451831 after marginally gaining an impressive 14.95% against the dollar and 19.35% to BTC.

The WaykiChain (WICC) short term stability is set to cement itself in the coming months given that it is competing with established Altcoins in the gambling and betting landscape. The coin just joined the top 100 and predicting its potential at the moment can be tricky but once its potential becomes fully exploited, the sky could b the limit thus making it a good buy at the moment.

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