DASH Coin is one of the most technologically advanced digital assets in the world. The team has remained active and innovative over the years and they are stopping at nothing to make sure that the community has the best platform. A recent research by eToro shows that DASH Coin is extremely undervalued among other cryptocurrencies.

The crypto was incepted in January 2014 and at that time it was referred to as XCoin. Evan Duffield is the founder of Dash and built Dash on Bitcoin protocol but introduced anonymity in the algorithm. Later Dash was rebranded to Darkcoin, but in a bid to be a global payment platform they rebranded again in 2015 to Dash which also means “Digital Cash”

The latest announcement on Twitter notes that the team is preparing the launch of the DashCopay wallet. The wallet application has been designed specifically for the iOS and Android operating systems. The wallet is said to be packing some high level features including the creation and importation of personal wallets, creation of address books, it can set local currency, it can also be used to send invites to friends through email or text, the wallet can create as well as join shared wallets in something called multi-signature. Other features include viewing of history of transactions, sending and receiving of funds by simply scanning a QR code or copy/paste the wallet address, it can set the desired network fees to raise/lower confirmation times and touch ID log in (iOS). While commenting on the challenges faced during the execution of the DashCopay wallet project, the team wrote:

“We faced several challenges in the implementation of this project. However, we made a promise to the community to deliver DashCopay to support the need for multi-signature mobile wallets. The challenges included third-party vendor management as well as underlying architectural issues inherited from the reference Copay wallet. Despite the challenges and delay in delivery, we feel that this product will be of value to many members of the Dash community.”

The team has decided to introduce the phased released process due to the challenges associated with the code especially the adaption. The project will from now onwards be released in phases while working to get rid of any risks as well as give the development team the opportunity to locate and resolve bugs in the software. Before moving to another phase, an evaluation will be carried out to find out if it is safe to move to the next level. The phases have been split into three and they include:

1) Beta version for testnet (30-day test)

2) Beta version for mainnet (30-day test)

3) Production launch with gradual rollout by geographical area

The users have been asked to register to test the beta version and this applies to both iOS and Android operating systems. Besides, they have been asked to help the development team by submitting any issues faced and all feedback on the Dash Forum’s “’Copay Support’ board.” DASH Coin fans and followers reacted with excitement on receiving the news and congratulated the network for their exceptional contribution. One follower by the name ‘ToaOfSatoshi’ said in a comment:

“It’s great to see this project finally come to fruition. From what I’ve seen, the CoPay wallet looks slick. I’m really looking for great things now that the development personnel structure is gelling under @bob Carroll’s leadership.”

Dash price overview

DASH Coin price has been trading subtle higher lows and higher highs supported at $250. The crypto is, however, still range-bound and lacks the momentum to sustain a break above the key resistance at $270. At the time of press, DASH/USD is trading at $266, similarly, the immediate support rests at $260.


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