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IOTA (MIOTA) and Cardano (ADA) are among eight coins that are set for a major listing boom. This comes as a relief to both MIOTA and ADA holders who have watched desperately for their digital assets shed some value over the last three months.

These listings are set to give the coins increased global reach and a boost to investor confidence. This comes at the right time when the market is still torn apart by SEC on matters of which coins are not securities and the real security ones. Any new listing now is perceived as a boost to volumes and value in short and long-term.

With the new listings, the IOTA (MIOTA) community got something more to celebrate about; an update of the current IOTA R&D project. This is one of the most detailed update from the developer team. The coming months seem quite eventful and the insights will spur more interest to the platform going forward.

New Listings for IOTA (MIOTA)

In its latest move, BitPanda has announced they are listing MIOTA on their platform. This plays out as a double listing that has also seen Komodo (KMD) get the exchange nod. The platform take the pride of being one of the largest retail movers in the European market and gives the consumer easy access to digital assets.

While making the announcing the MIOTA listing, BitPanda tweeted:

“We are happy to announce that @iotatoken is now available on BitPanda! You can start buying and selling $IOTA by heading over to #bitpanda #iota.”

The Listing will help IOTA make inroads in Europe and get high quality strategic partnerships while the exchange will help the coin solidify its grips in the market translating into more circulation and increased value. It is also a chance for IOTA to set foot in a market where it had previously neglected.

The announcement came hours after the exchanges listed Komodo. A tweet from the official BitPanda handle reads:

“We’re happy to announce @KomodoPlatform is now available on Bitpanda! Start buying and selling $KMD by heading to #bitpanda #komodo.”

Cardano (ADA) Listing

Cardano (ADA) and Status Network Tokens (SNT) have been listed on Bithunb, a Korean exchange. However, you can only deposit ADA and SNT at the moment, once withdrawals are possible, the exchange will alert all its users on the same.

Being listed on the largest Asian exchange means a lot to the two coins. It will give them a competitive edge over other popular coins as well as increase demand thus gaining more traction. However, Cardano (ADA) has been doing pretty well and this is a plus towards its growth into the future.

Other coins getting listed include Siacoin and Pundi X on the controversial Binance exchange. Dacred and Waves have inked a deal to get listed on OkEx. All these realignments are a strategic preparation in the event that the market recovers soon.

IOTA (MIOTA) Current R&D Projects Updates

After the successful introduction to Trinity roadmap, IOTA has announced an updated version of their R&D projects which appear to give it a new dimension and quite enticing to the investor. If you have harboring any doubts on the future of IOTA, you better change your mind.

The list of their “work dream” sounds straight forward and runs through strengthening their infrastructure and making it user focused. This will see the platform become fully decentralized and developers have been included in the platform and this will also see mass adoption.

According to their blog page here is a list of projects that are underway:

Coordicide: Analysis, modeling, and simulations for coo-less IOTA.

Autopeering: Understanding the risks involved with automatic peer discovery and user-friendly alternatives.

Economic Incentives: Understanding how the Tangle works at scale from a game theoretic perspective.

Consensus Spec: A detailed spec of the consensus mechanism, building on the basic outline in the whitepaper, intended for peer review.

Crypto Spec: A detailed spec of cryptography in IOTA, also intended for peer review.

Attack Analysis: Thorough simulation and analysis of known network attack vectors.

Exchange Hub: Formerly known as IXI Hub; enables exchanges to integrate IOTA in days or weeks instead of months (already in closed beta with several exchanges!)

IRI: Ongoing maintenance and improvements to the de facto IOTA node software.

Coo-free IRI: Rebuilding IRI to allow for alternate consensus mechanisms.

Qubic: Enabling oracles, outsourced computations, and smart contracts on the Tangle.

Local Snapshots & Permanodes: Enabling node operators to maintain or dispose of the Tangle history as they see fit.

C Client: Preparation for deep dives into embedded devices.

iota.js: Out with iota.lib.js, in with iota.js; fully modularized for npm and fully typed for safety.

Tanglescope: Enabling deeper insights into Tangle performance and metrics through monitoring.

MAM+: A fully spec’d, full-featured rewrite of MAM — if all goes well, including PKI out of the box.

IOTA Controlled Agent: A prototype; early stage implementation of Economic Clustering and swarm logic.

Trinary hash function: The replacement for Curl-P, built by world renowned cryptographers, and optimized for the IoT.

Protocol finalization: On IoT, the IOTA protocol can’t easily be changed for devices that are “out there in the wild.”

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