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Zilliqa (ZIL) has been getting a lot of attention lately and many supported see is as the best alternative to Ethereum when it comes to your DApp project launch and development. Zilliqa market entry strategy has won many fans and with the MainNet launch just around the corners, this cannot get any better.

The token entered the market for trading in January and has been able to grow in a short period to be ranked 27 by market capitalization. Many had predicted ZIL will hit the $1 mark by June but that has not happened by with the platform turning out to be the best alternative to Ethereum, the future seems bright enough and the token holders are starting to brace themselves for a boom.

Why is Zilliqa (ZIL) shaking the Market?

Given the at the ZIL token was  injected into the market in late January, in less than six months the coin has hit the road running and beating older tokens. Within that short time, the coin already has a 697milliom which has been hit by the skydiving market and a total supply of 7.65billion against a total supply of 12.6billion.

The best part about Zilliqa is that it is riding on the Scilla programming language which runs alongside the sharding technology. The team behind the platform has a strong academic backing that makes it a solid outfit to thrive by giving scalability in blockchain its true meaning.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Focus on Scalability

Achieving scalability in the onset means meeting the consumer demands by offering fast transactions at a rock bottom fee. While a big coin like Ethereum gets slowed down by demand for Crypto Kitties, ZIlliqa cannot because of its enhanced capacity.

Zilliqa has been able to process more transactions as the network nodes increase. To achieve this, the team behind the project says:

“Every 600 new nodes, the work is divided to increase Zilliqa throughput by simply dividing work.  Simply put, the system cannot encounter any problems with broadcast however how big the network becomes in the future. Reaching 1 million nodes is the go and that will take many years given that Bitcoin has  about 11,000 nodes to date while Ethereum has slightly above 25,000 nodes. ”

Zilliqa (ZIL) Gets Listed on CoinEx

To achieve its goal of becoming the best throughput outfit in the market, the token has been listed on CoinEx and is already live. From the June 8m ZIL deposits and withdrawals despite some technical hitches that were resolved soon after going live.

The listing means increased pair portfolio, global reach and market circulation. This comes at a time when the network is undergoing their test net and improvements on the Schilla feature. Once these are complete it will make it easy for developers to start streaming in and design their DApps.

Decentralized Apps Coming up on Zilliqa

As Zilliqa (ZIL) prepares for its MainNet two key players are set to create their application on the platform. Spokkz, which is a becoming very popular in the film and TV industry, has picked Zilliqa as their entry point to blockchain. This is a community backed outfit that allows user to vote for their preferred media projects and this will ease the large studio monopoly in the market pace.

The other entrant is Bolt that seeks to give content developers from the yokes of middlemen thus giving the entertainment sector the freedom it deserves and rewarding the industry players. Bolt will use ZIL tokens as a payment medium in exchange for content and other educational resources.

 Zilliqa (ZIL) Market

Like most Altcoins, ZIL has been battered by the market but the token price appears to be on the rise. At the time of writing ZIL was trading at $ 0.090646 after a fruitful 24 hour trading that saw it gain 2.40% against the USD and 0.70% to BTC but losing against its rival ETH by 2.13%.

Zilliqa (ZIL) is one of the most promising tokens and the stage will be set after completion of the MainNet.  Offering scalability solutions gives the platform an upper hand and is poised to shift developer focus from Ethereum and a lot of migration to the new outfit is anticipated by developers seeking scalability solutions.

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