CIVIC (CVC), although ranked below the top 100 on the global coin ranking list, makes up for a pretty valuable asset in the terms of representing the purpose of helping its users managing their identity and identity-related information, while offering smart contract solutions. As of the last year of 2017, this “small” coin has acquired a pretty valuable partnership with TokenMarket, however, there are more partnerships that CVC sealed over time that might sky-rocket this coin to the top 100 coins in the future. Civic is doing pretty well today, pushed up by the latest market trend with over 3% of gains in the last 24 hours, making CVC Coin available at the price of 0.20$.

Civic and TokenMarket

Civic Coin considers the partnership with TokenMarket to be one of the first partnerships that CVC has ever acquired. Back in 2017, to be exact in June of the mentioned year, TokenMarket aided CVC in organizing and advising the Civic team on the matter of organizing the token generation that took place at the time.

Since then, TokenMarket and Civic cooperated in order to bring mutual and individual objectives to life, while completing several milestones with having TokenMarket helping CVC and vice versa, which describes a strong bond between the two business partners.

Since CVC Coin has launched know-your-customer protocol, making it reusable for creating token sales and launching ICOs back in February 2018, allowing its users to easily launch their ICOs and organize token sales with efficient and effective KYC tools.

Now that TokenMarket is planning on doing a similar thing, their partnership with Civic will come as more than handy as TokenMarket is planning on creating an environment where users could easily launch their ICOs and organize token sales, similarly to the KYC solution that Civic is already offering for its users and new dev teams.

In order to enable these features and provide their users with new options regarding token sales and ICOs, TokenMarket will be using a combination of Civic’s know-your-customer protocol in combination with AML, which will produce KAI as a final product in form of smart technology.

In this case scenario, Civic will represent a fully operational and highly functional KYC for identity verification, while TokenMarket will take over the role of an ICO and token sale advisory center. The new technology should be represented live on a Webinar held by TokenMarket and Civic tomorrow on June 15th.

Civic (CVC) and Hub Partnership

Civic is keeping it busy, so the team behind CVC has partnered up with Hub. As the team claims, their partnership comes as valuable to Hub, as well as for CVC, as there are not enough identity verification protocols across the blockchain ecosystems, in general, that would “foster trust” among the users and the network, as claimed by the team CVC.

Hub makes up for the first algorithmic blockchain project, and together with Civic, ICOHub will get where it needs to be, using Civic’s verification protocols in order to enable its users to predict the outcome of token stakes.

Civic Coin and Effect.AI Partnership

Another partnership that comes valuable for Civic (CVC) as well as for the other party that accepted the partnership is the sealed deal between Effect.AI and Civic.

Effect.AI makes up for a company that deals with Artificial Intelligence, an industry that seeks more support as it is developing further. Some blockchain projects are vigorously promoting Artificial Intelligence as a part of their services, so in  that spirit Effect.AI is working on actively promoting Artificial Intelligence, while looking for a solution that would enable its users to gain  access to simplified tools that would enable operations with AI, while democratizing Artificial Intelligence and working on providing training with AI database.

Civic Coin is set to aid Effect.AI in doing so by allowing them to use their identity protection technology as well as identity verification. These protocols will be added in form of an additional layer to the Effect.AI network, so the users, as well as data on the network, would be safe and protected.

Civic and CapLinked

To solve the problems of frequent data leakage, Civic Coin has partnered up with CapLinked in order to provide them with a solution that would enable CapLinked users to easily and share their data and personal information, while operating in a safe environment.

CapLinked represents a platform specialized in sharing and deploying bus9iness-related data, and to achieve the top service in their ecosystem, Civic (CVC) will be providing them with protocols for safe and secure sign up and login options, evidently aiding other blockchain projects in establishing safer environment for their users, which tells a lot about the application of CVC Coin technology as well as functionality.


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