In the late 1990s, very few people would have thought that Google would become the corporate behemoth that it is today. That’s because the concept was not fully understood, and the dot com bubble was crashing, leaving many investors scared of putting money in internet companies. Today, we are in a similar situation. We are entering into the age of decentralization, and blockchains that will index structured blockchains stand to gain the most. Nebulas is one such blockchain, and just like Google in the late 1990s, very few people know or even understand what Nebulas is all about. The market is also as chaotic as the dot com bubble, which makes investors skeptical of putting their money in lesser-known cryptos such as Nebulas. In the next few years, once the internet becomes fully decentralized, Nebulas (NAS) will be one of the cryptos that could be worth multiples of what it is today.

You are probably wondering, why would Nebulas dethrone Google from the search market, yet Google has all the money in the world, to create a similar product.  Well, what is happening is a shift in market sentiment, and that sentiment cannot be changed by money. For instance, large tech companies such as Google have been accused of censoring content that they don’t approve of. The issue of data privacy and the centralization of data in the hands of a few large corporations has also led to the rise in demand for alternative technologies. That’s why Facebook is keen on blockchain technology, as data protection laws continue to tighten all across the world.  These conditions are creating the perfect mix of conditions that will push Nebulas to the top. The Nebulas search framework is decentralized, which means that no single entity can determine what will rank at the top, and what won’t. That’s what people are yearning for, and will push investments towards Nebulas going into the future.

Another factor that places Nebulas on the path to glory in the long-run is the fact that it is also a smart contracts platform. Nebulas is designed to allow for the creation of dynamic smart contracts, which makes it one of the most scalable smart contracts blockchains in the market. Considering that scalability is the main issue facing smart contracts blockchains at the moment, Nebulas (NAS) is at the forefront of this market, and this will push up its value in the long-run.

The best thing about holding Nebulas (NAS) token is that it’s designed to grow as the Nebulas blockchain grows. That’s unlike most other tokens, which have zero value to their ecosystems, hampering their long-term growth. As per the Nebulas whitepaper, the Nebulas token is used for liquidity in the nebulas network. This gives it a huge utility and could see it explode in value as Nebulas continues to gain traction in the market.

Nebulas is an investment for long-term thinkers, people who can see change happening long before the masses adopt it. In the next couple of years, Nebulas (NAS) could easily be valued at over $100.


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