After years of waiting, now blockchain is becoming real with more and more industry centered coins and Altcoins entering the market. LatiumX (LATX) is one of the latest token to enter the market with a ready-to-offer-solution outfit in the ever growing and less transparent gig economy. This is a coin that is reay to offer solutions to online employer-employee engagement.

LatiumX (LATX) is a new technology aimed at disrupting the gig economy and is designed for both the employer and employee. If you are a freelancer looking for simple to complex tasks to complete, then this is the best place you can connect with your prospective employer. It is a very simple trust based interface that engages and satisfies the user.

How Does LatiumX Operate?

This is a free to join platform and a one-to-many engagement building application that comes with a rating algorithm. As a user willing to hire people, you only create a task. State the number of persons you want to perform the task and the system automatically puts the required contracts in place and makes the payments on your behalf once the job is completed successfully.

The App comes in different faces to choose from; you can decide to hire your team or individual in a digital way or in-person. Whichever method you are comfortable with, the system gives you total control over the tasks done and the duration it takes.

With its own native token, all tasks performed and services rendered are paid for using LATX. Transactions are done anonymously and transparently and there are no brokers or middle men. Tasks are price-standardized and the system groups them depending on requirements and ease of skill-set matching.

Self Sustainability of LatiumX

The gig economy is becoming very popular day by day and people are looking for reliability in terms of task completion and a two way satisfaction. By using LATX as the payment vehicles, the token will continue being on demand and this will give it traction going forward. This is a good value proposition for any early adopter,

The application has several opportunities; you can buy the LATX tokens and hold on to them and trade them at a later stage or buy and use them to get your tasks done. Whichever way you look at it, you cannot lose on your LATX stakes. The current gig community has been infiltrated by many middle men making most platform charge high commissions on each task performed and this has locked out the masses who either have the necessary skills or employers that need quick fixed.

LatiumX (LATX) Market Performance

LatiumX is a new entrant in the digital money markets and is causing ripples in the gig economy. LATX is has several competitors in the niche and has an edge over the rest. You can use the platform to get tasks done or in-person where you only need a QR code to scan to verify and work done from participants..

At the time of writing, the LATX token was trading at $0.068831 after marginally gaining against the USD by 27.14%, 36.90% and 41.99% to BTC and ETH respectively in the last 24 hours. This is a huge spike given that majority of Altcoins and major coins are trading in the red.

Many crypto investors are waiting for major coins to recover to get back to their trading way. However the market appear to be on a free fall mission and LATX holders are optimistic that the token will not sky dive after the 24 hour gains.

If the traction is sustainable, LATX is poised to be one of the most stable token in the gig economy and a good coin to buy and hold or trade on the platform getting your tasks performed and enabling the coin to circulate for increased traction.


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