With the crypto-market still struggling to get back on its feet, ProChain (PRA) seems to be the first to rise from the red and trade in green. The market has been experiencing a lot of uncertainty and the December January gains seem to be going down the drain across the entire digital currency landscape.

With a lot of regulations and bans being imposed on cryptocurrencies, the future of the less industry focused tokens and tokens appear to be bleak. However, the ban and especially for ICO and crypto-advertising, seems to be working in ProChain favor. This might sound strange but let’s find out why.

With digital advertising, traffic counterfeiting has led to advertisers losing billions of dollars to fraudulent practices and this is what ProChain (PRA) is working on; to save the advertiser and reward creators and media. This cuts down costs incurred by industry intermediaries as well.

Why is ProChain (PRA) Thriving?

ProChain is a transparent digital advertising outfit by design. The network connects ad developers, advertisers and digital content developers to make the advertising sector more efficient. The end goal of the platform is to enable users cut down on advertising bills and reduces fraud perpetuated by third parties in manipulating traffic.

To achieve its goals, ProChain deploys smart contracts to track advertising impact whilst reducing disputes arising from wrong traffic data. The entire system is automated and has been gaining a lot of trust from major players on the digital advertising sector.

Transparency, fast downstream and reduced disputes has put ProChain into the limelight making the token the advertiser natural choice. After being listed on OTCBtc in March and BitZe exchange on May 10, the token appears to have started making inroads into the digital advertising real without looking back.

Reasons for Steady ProChain (PRA) Growth

Despite the tough times for the cryptocurrency market, PRA has been steadily growing. This is a unique system that is anti-fraud. The system tracks down the consumer behavior using the machine learning model and captures false advertising flow. The system cannot be manipulated hence you get only what you pay for.

The system purely runs on blockchain and al information is encrypted thus locking out third parties and advertising agencies. The system will allow you to identify the right audience for specific ads and you can also Geo-target and reach a select audience depending on your product and their needs.

All payments are settled through the system which adds more credibility to your advertising campaigns. This comes in handy where you need to do instant payments across the borders. All you need is having enough PRA tokens in your wallet and the rest is done by the system, all you need is define your budget and reach.

The team behind the project is highly skilled and dedicated to give users what they bargain for.  The team has been put together through outsourcing from leading blockchain development firms and they have been in the big- data monitoring industry for several years hence you are in a safe pair of hands.

ProChain (PRA) Market Overview

ProChain (PRA) has been hit by the current meltdown but appears to be recovering at a steady speed compared to other coins and tokens. PRA tokens are ERC20 based and have been listed on major exchanges and this has been a good route to the market.

At the time of writing, the token was trading at $0.339534 after a 24 hour gains of 11.44% and 12.46% to the USD and BTC respectively. With no much hype around the coin at the moment, this could be the breakout the token has been looking for since the market crash of December January.

With the growing popularity from investors, the token can be a good bet to stock up before the whales set in. any additional price surge can only mean one thing; hitting the $5 mark before end of the year. This is a promising token to invest in while it is still in beta.

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