GXChain (GXS) is spiking big time as the market has finally shown signs of recovery on today’s date on June 12th, after having over 80% of the circulating currencies going down in the red for the past several days. Just as the most recent change in the market came as a refreshment in the last 24 hours, GXChain comes off as a great opportune it for improved experience of data sharing and restoring data property, which might be the main reason why GXS is seen going up in the green by over 8% in the last 24 hours, while a great portion of top currencies has only slightly taken off with the latest trend in the market that woke up the cryptos this morning.

GXChain and the Data Exchange System

On most blockchain based platform everything is about data. This is probably the case since blockchain technology is somewhat based on the idea of moving money as fast as we are moving data these days, only safer and in a more secure environment.

That is how some platforms are offering data exchange services, as well as data storage services that you can gain access to with a small compensation in the form of the accepted crypto on the given platform, making it a cheaper and probably safer solution than third party data storage providers.

That is how GXChain (GXS) is slowly but steadily climbing the ladder of the leading data exchange platforms with its superb data economy ecosystem where GXS users can use and store their personal data with ultimate privacy.

The economy works in a way that all GXS users can earn from providing access to their data, while they are entitled to restricting access and accepting payment s for sharing their data.

The name of the system made for the purpose of storing data and allowing users to manage their stored data is called Blockcity, and it is stationed on GXS chains.

Blockcity allows users to store and manage their data in an encrypted environment, which means that Blockcity allows users to acknowledge their stored data as their own property, allowing the restoration of data property along the way.

Through this system, the block users are enabled to share their data in return for an appropriate compensation, that way earning some profit in form of GXS that they can later hold, store, exchange for fiat or use to trade with.

GXChain and the Application Development

What also places the currently 59th coin in accordance with global coin ranking list, to the list of promising platforms is the fact that GXChain allows its users to develop decentralized applications not only by using smart contracts but also by having a wide range of available tools that make up for a user-friendly experience.

That is how the developers may find this platform as a top choice for creating decentralized applications, given the fact that GXChain offers user ID verification, KYC, Blockchain as a Service, multi-transactional data support alongside with other tools that make the app creation a lot easier and more flexible.

Moreover, GXChain (GXS) is developed to support up to 100.000 transactions per second, meaning that this platform comes as a great choice for all types of business applications, which additionally broadens the purpose of GXS Data Economy Ecosystem, offering the best tools for data management and rock-solid tools for creating apps.

With the latest change in the market, GXS has shown an exceptional progress in oppose to the dollar, while going up by over 8% against this fiat currency in the course of the last 24 hours, making it tradable at the price of 3.77$ per one  GXS.

GXChain was launched with the idea of providing more reliable solutions for creating business applications that way contributing to diminishing underground data exchanges, while allowing users to restore their data property and decide who will get the access to their data, under their own terms and with an appropriate compensation.

During the last two weeks, although the market went tough on a handful of digital assets, GXS managed to collect 32% of gains, that way showing a bullish temper in the market.

GXChain (GXS) was launched back in June of 2017, so it’s already been a year since GXS become an official ICO. However, GXS remained among the top 100 cryptos over the course of 365 days, while showing an amazingly rapid pace of growth with the latest change in the market, making it an interestingly valuable gem in the industry of data exchange and business applications.


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