The network has lately applied for a broker/dealer license in the United States and the good news is that it was accepted. However, this does not mean it has been approved. Veritaseum (VERI) team is looking forward to the time they will be allowed to function as a fully-fledged broker/dealer of “securitized digital assets & digital securities in the US.”

Getting licensed will once again cement the vision of the network of bringing financial services directly to the investor. Veritaseum can now without fear provide investors with tools and data that is not manipulated. The community has been very excited on the licensing news some even misquoting the whole situation until Veritaseum had to clear the doubts saying:

“To eliminate misunderstanding, having an accepted is not the same as having that application approved, but we are working very hard to obtain approval. Veritaseum envisions a much more egalitarian, less risky, more transparent financial world using blockchain/network economics”

Veritaseum (VERI) is one of the many coins battling to make a name in the industry. The project was designed with a vision to be a peer-to-peer getaway in the capital markets. Investors have been given direct and easy access to smart contracts that give them the capacity to manage and control their assets, send and receive valuables on the Veritaseum network.

The project has since its inception, resolved to get rid of middlemen, brokers, banking institutions and advisors in the financial sector among others. Veritaseum is taking the role of the vendor of the services provided by the above parties. Significantly, it rejects any instances of being referred to as in any of the above party’s roles. It is simply, “distributed, serverless software” that gives the power back to the consumer who will also act as his own middleman.

How Veritaseum Network Works

The network provides the users with the tools to make the most of the financial markets. The token behind the network, VERI is used to buy rights to have access to the smart contracts. It is these smart contracts that are in turn used to manage services on the platform. The tools provided include but not limited to self-custody escrow, analyzed financial data as well as tokenization of the assets. Similarly, each tool can be accessed independently of each other. Currently, Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive Research (VeADIR) is the only tool that is in the beta stage. This tool collects data on how VERI is trading; moreover, this data can then be bought by any interested investor.

Veritaseum (VERI) Price Analysis

Veritaseum price traded above $100 at the beginning of June before the buyers gave in to selling pressure especially last week. VERI/USD traded lows of $66.5 before bouncing back towards $80.00. However, rising selling pressure prevented gains at $84.00. At the moment, Veritaseum price is trading at $77.7 while there is a weak bullish trend battling to push back above $80.00. The cryptocurrency is up over 10% in the last 24 hours. Its trading volume has been on the rise and has maintained above $1 million in the last 5 days. Veritaseum (VERI) has a market capitalization of $151 million while the total supply is 100,000,000 VERI but the circulating supply is only 2,036,645 VERI.


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