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The IOTA MIOTA community seems never to be approaching the end of its euphoric celebration in the world of cryptocurrency as the altcoin and the technology behind it gets countless of credence in various sectors.

Just as many are preparing for the future because of it envisaged high demand, car manufacturing industry has began the adoption of IOTA protocol to meet demand of high level automation vehicles. Companies in the industry, amongst which Volkswagen lies, want to explore IOTA in guarantying data updates and transparent access to audit trails.

Volkswagen At CEBIT 2018

Volkswagen together with IOTA will be at the world largest technology exhibition, CEBIT, to present Proof of Concept which it co-developed.

“Volkswagen, together with iotatoken will show at cebit18 a proof of concept how the trusted transfer of software over-the-air to vehicles can be securely documented using the tangle. Great example how distributed ledger technology can be used in the future,” Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Volkswagen Group tweeted.

Volkswagen is making preparation for the auto industry 2020 forecasted need, as it hopes that itself and some other top notch auto companies will be producing over 250 million vehicles on the road which will connected by technology.

In line with what the two companies are co-developing, IOTA and Volkswagen believes that blockchain is needed to combat some of the challenges in the auto industries.  As such, IOTA has been flagged as an underlying protocol for car makers.

The German multinational automotive manufacturing company which is headquartered in Wolfsburg, will be using IOTA MIOTA to ensure transparency, digital trust with customers, recall efficiency of products, keep data updates, Tamper proof, the use of different software versions for production, data and resources transfer, among others.

The Challenge: CEBIT 2018

The challenge which will today commence and end on 15th of June will take place in Germany Hannover fairground, featuring activities like exhibitions, conferences, networking and more.

Organized yearly, the exhibition ground is one of the largest fairground in Germany with presentation ground of about 450,000 m² (5 million ft²), approximated 850,000 visitors with a number of government agencies, investor, business personnel and member of the society.

This is not first time IOTA will be featuring in the top class exhibition in Hannover, last time was with Fujistsu.

IOTA And Volkswagen Partnership

The two mega companies have in the last two months joined forces to create solution to the world with blockchain real use cases. IOTA MIOTA and Volkswagen partnered with the aim of using blockchain to ensure data integrity, interoperability and production readiness in the auto industry.

The Proof Of Concept (POC) which is the latest coming from the collaboration proves that the alliance is beginning to display signs of fruitfulness and readiness for the future.


Founded in 28 May 1937, the German based company is one of the world largest producer of automobiles. In 2016, it was rated the largest auto producer in the world. The company has various branches across the world with manufacturing and assembling points in Asia, south America, Europe and Africa.

Volkswagen, in 2011, was named among the 25 largest companies in the world by Forbes Global 2000.

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