The entire cryptocurrency market is swimming in the sea of red, Bitcoin plummeted yesterday over 10% to trade below $7,000 and even tested April lows at $6,450. Other coins and altcoins reacted, in the same way, descending sharply to test key support areas. The bulls are currently battling to correct the slide but bear pressure still looms. Consequently, a bleeding market sometimes presents the best buy opportunities especially for coins with the potential to shake off the selling pressure. Therefore, today we will explore ArbitrageCT (ARCT) and BitShares (BTS) and find out why the investor should be looking into them.

ArbitrageCT (ARCT)

This is a project that has been tailored to serve the trader. Besides, it is referred to as Arbitrage Crypto Trader. It is essentially a tool that is developed to allow the traders to access several exchanges and more importantly for several trading pairs. It is the ultimate intermediary among exchanges. Moreover, it makes trading easy due to the simplicity of the platform as opposed to trading on various exchanges all of which have different functionalities and features – something that has hindered traders from placing fast and timely orders before.

The Arbitrage Crypto Trader platform is able to work with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to that, they provide data, charts, analysis and even trading pair quotations. The traders can also enable automatic trading while trading can be on the go due to the convenience offered by mobile applications. The team released an updated roadmap at the beginning of 2018 and they have done well to stick to it. Between May and June, the ArbitrageCT team was, “adding functional inside the exchange arbitrage trade. In addition to adding auto trading on multiple exchanges and pairs simultaneously.”

At the time of writing, ArbitrageCT price is exchanging hands at $0.0066 while it up 7% in the last 24 hours despite the market being highly bearish. The crypto is relatively new with a market capitalization of $572,841 and a trading volume of $17,605 in the last 24 hours. Its coins are only 151,639, 063 ARCT, similarly only 85,565,063 ARCT are in circulation.

BitShares (BTS)

BitShares is also a platform that offers decentralized cryptocurrency trading. The platform has been designed to ensure that digital assets can be traded without leaving the blockchain. Significantly, it is revolutionizing the way crypto trading is currently done eliminating the need to covert crypto to fiat in order to stabilize the investment. In the case of BitShares blockchain platform, traders do not have to change crypto to fiat, instead, they can convert the virtual currencies to another digital asset on BitShares that has its value tethered to a real-life asset, for example, when BitUSD is tethered to the US dollar.

BitShares is currently trading at $0.15, besides, it has been hit hard by the currently slump in the market. BTS/USD exchanged slightly above $0.38 in May before beginning to correct lower. The price traded above $0.24 in the first week of June and above $0.20 over the last weekend.

Decentralized exchanges are becoming the future of buying and selling digital assets. BitShares has the potential to recoil higher and recover the losses. On June 7 BitShares was listed on Hitbtc crypto exchange to be traded in BTS/BTC pair. At the moment, BitShares has a market capitalization of $415,579,620 and a trading volume of $28,319,200.


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