TRON (TRX) has been one of the most talked-about digital assets in 2018, while especially hitting the headlines across the internet with the TRX main net being launched a bit more than a week ago. With the launching of the main net and the live presentation that took place on May 31st, TRX entered June with high hopes for their new status, as TRX seized to exist on Ethereum’s chain, now having its own ecosystem as a native token of the TRON platform. Alongside with many listings and more than several valuable partnerships, how will TRON perform in the market by the end of 2018 and can we expect to see more radical gains for TRX?

TRX a Definite HODL?

TRON (TRX) hasn’t been around for a long time when compared to its peers from the top ten list, and yet this digital asset has shown some amazing progress in the terms of developments, upgrades, mass adoption and performance in the market.

While there are many holders convinced into the fact that TRX is not being traded at the price that could be described as fair in accordance with the technological capabilities of this token, TRON has made it a long way since it was first launched, now taking the 10th spot on the global coin ranking list, which makes it one of the top currencies in the market.

Not so long ago, TRX was spotted as a great opportunity for investing in cryptoverse by a billionaire, and one of the most famous developers, John McAfee, who is also famous by his tweets on different cryptocurrencies.

McAfee often “buying rounds” for his followers by keeping them updated on his price predictions. That is how you can see John McAfee tweeting about EOS, Bitcoin, and other currencies while giving away prediction quotes for prices of various assets.

That is how he stated that TRX makes up for a definite HODL, which Justin Sun never failed to justify, by far.

With having been added on three more listings in the course of a single week after the main net launch and having TRX joining hands with Shift Markets, TRON has a major chance to score a greater price in the market in the following months and by the end of 2018. So, it can even be presumed that this is the lowest we will see from TRX in the years to come in case the team behind this asset keeps up with their strategy.

Can TRON Achieve a Greater Price?

In the course of only one week, TRX managed to get listed on three more exchanges in addition to a total of over 70 exchanges this asset is listed on.

In addition to getting a listing on three new exchanges right after the presentation of the TRON main net on May 31st, TRX gained yet another listing, only a day after the announcement that TRON foundation and Shift markets have partnered up in order to launch TRX beyond mass adoption and “cross the border between fiat currencies and digital assets”.

This time, TRX has been listed on BitForex, which is an exchange platform that is said to be listing only the top of the top digital currencies, which is yet another great way of having the exposure of TRX in the market significantly increased.

The increased exposure should then consequently affect the price in a positive way, which means that TRON might get more serious gains and potentially even go above its all-time high that was set back in January 2017.

How Far Could Tron TRX Go by the end of 2018?

Realistically, since the partnership with Shift markets would take some time to bear fruit as stated by the CEO of Shift markets, Ian McAfee and confirmed by the dev team of TRX, the most accurate goal for TRX by the end of 2018 would be reaching a 1$ price for one unit.

That being said, with 50% of gains collected during the course of the last two months, it is expected to see TRX getting to the value of 1$ per one unit probably by the end of 2018, but only in case, TRON TRX speeds up its pace of growth in the following months.

Of course, there is always a factor of a surprise, that is often present in the crypto market, which is not a strange case at all since the crypto market is yet to become stable in the time to come once the buy and sell craze takes on a slower pace.


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