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It has been a week since Tron (TRX) Main Net launch and the countdown for actual Independence i.e. the token swap from ERC-20 to their own digital asset TRX-20 is scheduled on June 25th, 2018 Singapore time. In the light of these updates and schedules, Tron Foundation announced the discontinuation of ERC20 services from Tron’s official website.

They mentioned in the announcement that the ERC-20 deposit services for Tron office website will end on June 6th, 2018 12:00 Singapore time. Whereas, ERC-20 token withdrawal services for Tron will end on the 22nd of June 12:00 Singapore time. Any difficulty or issues with fund withdrawal in time will be addressed on notifying the token holder support while submitting a request for withdrawal. This service of support system will be available until December 31st, 2018 Singapore time.

Security reasons of the funds demand the users a confirmation of their remaining balance on their ERC-20 Tron (TRX) official website balance and funds to be withdrawn into any of the exchanges that supports TRX migration. This will allow the users to convert their existing tokens to the latest main net tokens.

Tron Main Net will hence, officially become independent on June 25th post token swapping. Coming to the exchanges that support the token migration, to date many exchanges are still coming forward as a support system for Tron. CoinEgg announced today their interest to stand by Tron during the entire process of transition and freedom gaining.

They announced stating:

“COINEGG will support the mainnet switch of Tron (TRX) and plans to carry out relevant mainnet mapping tasks in late June. All current ERC20-based TRX tokens will switch to new TRX tokens based on the new chain.”

Their blog post mentioned details of the process where they stated, due to complex process involved in the mapping process, individual operations might pose risks and hence users are advised to deposit their TRX tokens on CoinEgg. Once the migration is successfully completed, 100% of deposited TRX tokens can be withdrawn as per user’s choice.

Also, to ensure a smooth mapping process, CoinEgg has notified as a warning to the users that they will suspend all TRX deposits, withdrawals or any kind of trading activities during the switching process. To note, all existing TRX deposits and withdrawal addresses shall be discarded and the same for old TRX addresses will not be successful. New TRX address must be used to avoid any asset loss.

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun expressed his claim towards CoinEgg:

“Thanks for the support to #TRON.  @CoinEgg_LTD will support #TRON blockchain upgrade and token migration.”

Addition to the exchanges supporting the token migration, many crypto platforms across the globe, are rushing in to list TRX with various pairs. Earlier this week, Tron [TRX] witnessed a pairing for the first time ever on an Indonesian platform – Indodax, followed by Max exchange for its first new Taiwan dollar pair. Few other exchanges have also announced TRX listing on their platform and the newest one is BitoEX falling in the path of Max exchange, will also list TRX/TWD, a Taiwan dollar pair. BitoPro is the 5th exchange to list TRX in an interval of 5 days starting from Sunday this week. The deposits and withdrawals were activated today and the trading activities have commenced.

Tron (TRX) is having sleepless nights, not only is the foundation is busy, they are keeping the entire community all day and night with a different level marketing for Tron and their blockchain. Not to forget the partnership between Tron and Shift Market which was announced a day ago.

Justin Sun announced another delightful news to the community earlier today:

“#TRON Is Exposed To Forex Market (100 FX brokers) Via Shift Partnership. $TRX will be bridging the gap between traditional fiat currencies and cryptos. This will increase its liquidity not only the crypto-markets but also the traditional FX markets.”


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