With the crypto markets showing some signs of resurrection, many listings and partnerships have been the mainstay of every media house. Each Altcoin appears to be fighting for that extra inch in the market.  Ripple (XRP) seems to be in the forefront to push its products, and in particular, xRapid to the banking sector to address liquidity issues.

Ripple (XRP) liquidity has been in focus since Brad Garlinghouse’s interview on CNBC during the Money 20/20 European tour. The coin listing on various platforms is a short way to achieve its goals. However, using the xRapid software for cross-border payments through partner banks has helped the platform achieve international recognition.

Ripple (XRP) is Ahead of the Pack

To increase its liquidity in the global markets, XRP has been listed on Revolut, SBI Virtual and ZebPay. Most interestingly, the coin is getting more exposure by getting listed on NASDAQ through the soon to be DX.Exchange. The decision to list XRP has been arrived by the Facebook poll that the Ripple community supported in totality.

Announcing the listing of the popular coin, DX.Exchange twitted:

“Here’s the winner of our Facebook Poll: @Ripple will be available when DX.Exchange launches and an essential part of our community. #exchangeyourway”.

DX.Exchange is a new entrant in the digital currency market and it might not have the capacity to move the volumes that Ripple anticipates after it goes live but it is good news for Ripple community and coin holders as it will user in a new era to bridge the gap between digital currencies and fiat money.

Why is DX.Exchange Ripple (XRP) Timely Listing Best Bet?

Once complete, DX.Exchange will ride on the respected NASDAQ matching technology. It will utilize the FX platform tools that will make it easy to monitor and report on XRP real time performance and trends. The exchange is currently working on the final touches including pre-registrations though their official website.

The exchange is set to give individuals and institutions access to purchasing fiat currencies using XRP. You will also be able to trade cryptocurrencies including XRP. The beauty of it all is the ability to allow you easy converting of fiat to crypto and vice versa.

  1. Exchange Background

With the cryptocurrency regulations still not very clear, DX.Exchange is registered in Estonia and has passed the test of an exchange with trusted security and transparency giving users the confidence and trust they look for in an outfit of its magnitude. User data and other information are encrypted using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

This listing will give XRP a huge boost and trading easily with fiat is one way of bringing the Ripple products of xRapid, xCurrent and xVia close to the masses and more importantly, the banking sector. This is the kind of route to the market that the Ripple team has been unable to crack in the past.

How is Ripple fairing on in the Current Market?

Investors have always had an issue with Ripple price; there are those that expect it to shoot through the roof and those who understand why it has taken too long below the $1 mark. The truth of the matter is the low price is good for adopting and this will increase tractions and value will be the end goal.

At the time of writing XRP is trading at $0.682754 after a marginal gain against the USD of 1.23% and 0.35% to BTC. This however is not an isolated case, the market has been struggling to get back on its feet and coins trading in the green are being frowned upon.

The current see-saw prices in the market are not long term and a breakout for Ripple has not yet started forming. However, in the coming months, a spike is anticipated that will land the coin to the $ mark by close of the year if the current listings, partnerships and recovery are anything to write home about.


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