Yesterday, Ripple (XRP) CEO Brad Garlinghouse was in an interview with the CNBC. He talked at lengths about ripple adoption and blockchain technology in general. From this interview, there are a number of insights we can all take, and make more informed crypto investments in the future.

One of the things we can learn from this interview is that holding ripple (XRP) today could be one of the best investments of the year 2018. Brad said that he is confident that by the end of this year, most banks will be using Ripple (XRP) as a liquidity tool. That’s an indicator that most of the banks currently testing ripple XCurrent are satisfied with it, and will be making the shift to Xrapid pretty soon.

Ripple (XRP) usually introduces financial institutions to XCurrent, with the option to switch to the faster and cheaper XRP, but they have avoided in in the past citing price volatility. In essence, the fact that Brad is so confident about the switch to Xrapid means banks are convinced on the power of XRP over the SWIFT system. Ripple (XRP) only exposes banks to a few seconds of price volatility while SWIFT exposes them to more than 72 hours of volatility.   That’s a major plus for XRP investors, and will see the value of this crypto shoot up significantly in the future.

The second thing an investor can take from this interview is that when looking to invest in cypto, it is best to go for those that have a clear cut real-world usage. According to Brad, there are so many tokens in the market that are hard to understand the exact problems that they are meant to solve. In his view such tokens will find it hard to survive in the long-run. This makes lots of sense for someone looking to invest in crypto as part of their long-term portfolio. That’s because, like Brad said, there are lots of cryptos in the market today that have fancy whitepapers, but don’t really solve any real world problem. While such coins may be good for short-term speculation, holding them for the long-term can wipe you out.

Another interesting thing that you can take from Brad’s interview is that bitcoin is, and will continue to be a worthy investment. In the recent past, we have all seen major financial players such as NASDAQ, Goldman Sachs among others speak positively about bitcoin, in spite of its technical inadequacies. Brad Garlinghouse made similar assertions in the interview.  He said that bitcoin may not have the technical capabilities of ripple, but it is likely to emerge as a store of value in the future. With such validation by major institutions and people like Brad, it is clear that bitcoin stands a good chance to survive and thrive in the long run.  Having it in your portfolio together with Ripple (XRP) and a few other fundamentally sound cryptos could transform your life for the better.

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