Reddcoin (RDD) has earned two prominent listings during the month of May, with the first listing taking it to the crypto market in Singapore. Reddcoin is known as a social coin designed especially in order to push the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to social networks, that way making digital assets more comprehensive and more available to an average Joe. Moreover, at the end of May and the beginning of June, Reddcoin entered the Indian crypto market with a new exchange, that way gaining more on its visibility.

Reddcoin Gets Listed on BiteBTC

Several weeks earlier somewhere around mid-May, the platform called BiteBTC has announced that Reddcoin (RDD) will be listed on their exchange, which needless to say, makes a great deal for RDD as BiteBTC represents one of the biggest exchange platforms in Singapore.

That being said, with this listing, Reddcoin has gained the needed attention in the market, being exposed on yet another top-rated exchange platform.

Just before BiteBTC announced the listing of RDD with the following trading pairs, it announced the listing of Verge (XVG) in the same manner, which contributes a great deal to RDD as Verge seems to be getting a great portion of popularity during the past couple of months thanks to the partnership with MindGeek and TokenPay, which brought it straight to Pornhub and getting its own XVG debit card as the first asset to get its own crypto debit card.

On the other hand, the Reddcoin team seems to be active and proactive in the past couple of months as well, as besides from working on collecting new listings, the team behind RDD has released the Redd Pay system for making RDD based payments, as well as releasing the new Redd Cards, to make handling of RDD units a lot easier for their users.

Thanks to this listing, RDD holders, and investors can now enjoy the amenities of a prominent exchange platform with features like Know Your Customer compliance, SWIFT transfers for global payments and five methods of payment including Swift wires, Alipay, OkPay, JCB, Visa, and MasterCard, so you can purchase RDD and other listed cryptos easily and in no time.

That is how a significant dose of value is brought to BiteBTC and the market in Singapore, to which RDD now belongs to.

Reddcoin Gets to the Indian Market

Besides from getting a listing on BiteBTC, that way entering the crypto market in Singapore, Reddcoin has been listed in yet another exchange at the end of May, which marked this month as truly a success for RDD. With the latest listing, RDD got a great chance for expanding on the Indian market by being listed on an exchange platform called KoinKo.

This is actually a bold move from the side of RDD as the Indian government has declared regulations on ICOs in India. That is how the Indian market can seem a bit questionable. However, the Indian Government alongside with the Reserve Bank of India has announced that the regulations should take place when it comes to ICOs and trading with cryptocurrencies.

This is the case, as by the statement provided by the Reserve Bank of India, because RBI aims to prevent the money laundry and any other illegal activities that might stand a chance in India due to the unregulated ICOs. While the determination for regulating ICOs in India is one of the main objectives of the Reserve Bank of India, the investors from this country might be a bit paranoid at this point when it comes to investing in cryptos.

However, Reddcoin is giving its best to have a breakthrough in India with the listing on KoinKo, so in order to support RDD and celebrate the most recent listing; KoinKo will be awarding 150.000 RDD units to its users. Besides from having the giveaway representing a great marketing boost for RDD in this Indian exchange, it also represents the support from the team of KoinKo.

With the latest listing on the mentioned exchange, Reddcoin just got more available to investors in India, probably in great portion due to the fact that RDD can now be directly purchased with Indian Rupees, which makes this crypto more available and far more attainable for the Indian holders and investors.

In the spirit of getting two new listings during the course of the last few weeks, and in a portion due to the benevolent currents of rises in the market, Reddcoin (RDD) is rising up in the green while acquiring gains of 8.41% against the dollar.

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