Zilliqa (ZIL) is a high throughput blockchain that has been performing quite well in the last few weeks. Investors are showing a growing interest in Zilliqa because it solves the problems that face most blockchains in the market today, namely scalability and security. It is designed to allow for high throughput transactions and the development of secure smart contracts. This automatically puts it in competition with Ethereum, Cardano and other platform blockchains. So how does it compare with these two, which also happen to have strong name in the platforms space? Can Zilliqa outperform them in the long-run?

Based on its fundamentals, Zilliqa is way better than Ethereum and Cardano. Take the issue of scalability for example.  Ethereum has been struggling with scalability issues for a while now. While they are currently working on some scaling solutions such as Sharding, they are yet to implement.

On this front, Zilliqa (ZIL) is way ahead. That’s because it already has a working product for its Sharding scaling solution. Through network Sharding, Zilliqa splits a network into small groups, which allows this blockchain to scale as the network grows. While Cardano too has a good scaling solution that works through the Ouroboros consensus algorithm, there is no working product yet. In essence, the fact that Zilliqa has a working product for its highly efficient scaling solution gives it a leg up over Ethereum and Cardano.

Zilliqa also compares more favorably on the aspects of security. In the past, Ethereum has had problems with complex smart contracts, whereby some instructions fail to execute.  These are issues that are fully taken care of by Zilliqa through the Scilla programming language. Smart contracts written in Scilla avoid such issues because external calls in the code always happen at the very end of the program, and there is a fee to it. In essence, from a smart contract security point of view, Zilliqa is a way better blockchain than Ethereum. But how does it compare to Cardano? Well, Cardano too is highly secure blockchain, and would rank well at the same level as Zilliqa in terms of smart contract security. The only difference is that Zilliqa has already been tested in the market, which makes it way more valuable to investors.

It is this technical edge in the platforms blockchains market that has anchored the value of Zilliqa in the last few weeks. Besides, the Zilliqa (ZIL) test net has been a success, and the main net is on the way. Once they launch the main net, Zilliqa will be headed to the moon.  The main net launch could easily see the value of Zilliqa get to a $1 dollar before the end of the year. Besides, more organizations are partnering with the Zilliqa blockchain, and this too will continue to push up its value. It’s potential to become a top 10 coin by market cap in 2018, is quite high. This makes it a high potential investment at current prices.


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