Siacoin (SC) made it to the list of top 40 cryptos among over 1500 peers currently present in the market and available as ICOs. The reason why some currencies end up below the top 100 list while other digital assets manage to rise up to the top of the global coin ranking list, greatly contributes to the fact that one coin is worth as much as its purpose is. That is how Siacoin is managing to survive the rough currents of the market. In addition to that, Siacoin, although currently priced at 0.016$, holds a massive potential for cloud computing operations and data storage.

Siacoin Ecosystem Makes up for a Secure Platform

Siacoin (SC) offers the service which will somehow always encounter a high demand in the market. Given the fact that Siacoin represents a safe and secure environment for storing data, it imposes a massive potential in the terms of cloud computing, cloud storage and storing data more efficiently with decentralized technology and blockchain.

Information and data have become a monetary value almost since there is sensitive and personal data that is highly valued, being deployed, stored, shared and created across the World Wide Web.

That is how some of this information demands high-security storage ecosystems that could guarantee the ultimate security while diminishing all odds of having that sensitive information leaking and finding its way to unauthorized parties.

To offer safety and security to users that need to have their sensitive data stored, services like DropBox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 are allowing users to store their data safely with them, however, there are certain “ghost” regulations within the mentioned services that deprive you of taking advantage of all the perks that cloud storage has to offer.

That is where Siacoin comes onto the stage. Siacoin (SC) platform represents what is said to be the largest and the most cost-effective cloud computing and cloud storage platform that offers safe and secure storing of data in exchange for a pretty fair compensation.

Siacoin Storage Potential

For those who have a lot of data that needs to be safely stored, there is a great possibility that SC platform makes up for the top solution. This is the fact because Siacoin offers services of keeping your data safe while cropping it into small bits without changing your data in any way, in order to be able to support large inflows of stored data at the same time.

Given the fact that Siacoin platform is based on blockchain technology, the platform is strongly encrypted, which makes it resistant to hacker attacks, which means that all your sensitive information and data can be safely stored at very low fees.

Low Storage Fees with Siacoin

What makes Siacoin a definite choice of every person who needs lots of space for storing sensitive data is the fact that SC represents safe and secure cloud storage with strong encryptions for added security.

One of the particular reasons for that is the fact that Siacoin offers a service for safely storing your data on their cloud ecosystem with a storage of 1 terabyte for only 2$ for the mentioned storage space.

To compare the cost-effectiveness of Siacoin data storage service, it is important to stress out that cloud storage providers like Amazon S3 will go ahead and charge their users ten times more for 1 terabyte of storage space while charging for this service on monthly basis.

Alongside with lower fees, Siacoin offers services for organizing your data and safely storing sensitive information, while responding to the needs of both individuals and companies.

Siacoin and SC Tokens

One of the main reasons why Siacoin (SC) seems to have acquired a high level of stability in the market is the fact that all transactions being made within the network can only be performed with the use of SC tokens.

That means that the value of Siacoin has consequently become more stable due to the fact that you actually need SC tokens for making transactions on this platform, so you have to buy them.

Siacoin is mineable as well, however, since the equipment needed for the initial mining of SC units costs a fair deal of money, this is rarely an option. However, you can purchase your SC tokens with ETH and BTC across several exchange markets, including HitBTC and Cryptopia.

As of the most recent case, Siacoin (SC) makes up for one of the rare currencies in the market that is acquiring gains against the dollar while rising up by 7.63% and being traded at the price of  0.016$ per one SC unit.

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