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Dent coin (DENT) is a more or less, a rather unknown coin when compared to giants like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and other top trending currencies, however, DENT managed to do something the mentioned coins didn’t – Dent coin acquired a small, but important victory over Google, once the team behind the official Dent Coin Twitter page published the results from the trending lists on Mexican Google Play Store, where it was clear that Dent Coin holds the first place on the mentioned list when it comes to efficiency and popularity in the terms of mobile data exchange, which is the main specialty of this crypto. Is there going to be a cold war starting out between Dent coin and Google?

Dent Coins Tops the First Spot in the Mexican List

Dent coin (DENT) proudly tweeted about their most recent success regarding trending of services in the Mexican Google Play Store. Ideally for Dent coin, and probably the world of cryptocurrencies, Dent coin turned out to be on the top of the list, surpassing Google with their Google Drive service, where Dent coin managed to beat Google in the terms of offering mobile data exchange services that are trending up in oppose to the use of Google Drive.

Dent coin representatives on Twitter stated that Dent makes up for the fastest growing blockchain project by far as they have even managed to beat Google. They have further added that Google Drive has over billion downloads, so their next objective is to get past that result and go for 1 billion+ downloads in the following months.

What many crypto enthusiasts and analytics are wondering regarding this occasion is whether a cold war between Google and cryptos, specifically Dent coin, has just started out. While this question remains yet unanswered since there was no official response from Google, Dent representatives added: What is good for Dent, it’s good for the whole crypto community, that way showing the dominance of blockchain technology over the traditionally used data exchange that can be found in Google Play and Google Drive features.

Dent coin might be topping the Mexican list, but the DENT team should also keep in mind that there are hundreds of lists where Google is keeping a solid hegemony, so there are many lists yet to be conquered in case Dent coin team should come near the popularity that Google and Google services have in the market.

In that spirit, Dent, a blockchain project that was originally launched in Hong Kong, is planning on establishing a strong reputation within the industry of mobile data exchange, which means that the trending list in Mexico might be just the beginning of Dent’s own won battles. Won battles don’t always mean a war won, however, Dent coin seems to be ready for mass adoption and mass use of Dent and their technology for mobile data exchange.

Dent coin is based on peer-to-peer Ethereum chain and as such is ready to transform this chain into a global community for exchanging mobile data, that way establishing hegemony over mobile data exchange. In this community, all DENT users are able to exchange their data and trade with information by selling and buying data. For now, Dent made a victory over Google in the Mexican list; however, there is yet to see what the response from Google would be in the following weeks or even months.

Dent Coin and the Market

Dent coin, although it made a small victory over Google a couple of days ago, can be seen as struggling in the market as of the most recent events. Still mainly unheard of and still trading far (far, far) from a one dollar value, which is often the main objective of “small” altcoins, Dent is currently dropping against the dollar due to the most recent change in the market.

Following the latest change, Dent is seen decreasing against the dollar by -1.54% as it is going down in the red. In addition to dropping against this fiat currency, DENT is also going down against BTC by -0.34%, while it is seen trading in the green and going up against ETH by a minor gain of 0.07%.

After the latest change in the market, Dent coin can be traded at the price of 0.0094$, while being ranked above the top 100 coins at the current moment, ranked as the number 132 in the global coin ranking list.

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