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Tron [TRX] accomplishments seem to have no limits, they are marching ahead like they will never stop. Tron has topped the news headlines in the crypto media for months now not just with the main net but, things beyond it. They are working towards their goal of making Tron [TRX] the world’s best cryptocurrency in every aspect as possible.

Coach Mike, a Twitterati says:

“You are relentless J Sun. I love it.”

Another news to rejoice for the Tron community for this weekend is the expansion of Tron to Indonesia. This means TRX is now available to be traded in their first ever Rupiah, the Indonesian currency.

The founder announced this delightful news earlier today:

“#TRON has expanded into #Indonesia and you can now trade #TRX in our first Rupiah pairs $TRX/$Rp. More exchanges are coming! #TRONSR.”

Indodax, the Indonesian digital asset exchange officially announced the same too on their twitter account, welcoming Tron to their platform with open arms:

“Selamat Datang Tron (TRX) di Indodax.”

Translation: “Welcome to Tron (TRX) at Indodax.”

The trading pair TRX/Rp will be available to trade at indodax.com with the deposits going live from June 4th at 8.00 WIB and trading activities commencing from June 5th at 15.00 WIB. Indodax mentioned in their post about their decision of adding one of the top 10 coins from CoinMarketCap – Tron [TRX]. Tron grabbed the attention because of its vision to build a decentralized entertainment and social media ecosystem, being a blockchain protocol itself now. Of Course, the 10th position in the market added weight too which did not demand Indodax to go through the community voting process.

Naresh Dhiman, a speculator says:

“We have lots of expectations from you Justin Sun. You are the inspiration for millions of people. So much energetic and active talented person.”

This is probably almost the perfect time for both the exchanges to empower and launch themselves higher as Tron is on a different level currently in the market, hovering a few feet above the rest. Indodax stated in the post:

“This is consistent with our mission to always add quality digital assets at Indodax.com.”

Tron [TRX] is currently worth a market cap of $4.042 billion which has placed it in the 10th rank. There was a constant juggle between IOTA [MIOTA] and Tron [TRX] competing with each other for the 9th position. For a long time TRX was able to sustain itself on the 9th position but since the previous day of the Main Net launch, Tron seems to have dropped its momentum surprisingly not able to catch up even after the successful launch. IOTA has gone up to stand securely in its place with a margin difference of more than a billion in market cap.

There is no explanation for the unexpected price dips of TRX since the last week with a 14% drop. But, sure the market’s pace has been a little sluggish from the past few days and we can just put it as Tron has not been an exception in this case as it is in others. The current trading value of TRX is $0.061 with no positive signs since this morning as seen at the time of writing. Nevertheless, supporters are more than excited about all the happenings with Tron,

TrexFollower commented:

“Awesome groundwork being laid. Looking forward to new money enter market. Rockets will be launching everywhere!!!”

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