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Lisk (LSK) – Listings always come with an extremely positive connotation given the fact that each listing makes a valuable addition to the listed coin in the sense of increasing its visibility in the crypto market. The more exchanges (the “good” ones) a certain coin has, the greater the chances are that the trading volume of the listed coin is to be consequently increased, which would result in more popularity, increased market cap and more authority for the given digital asset among the crypto community. Lisk has just said to be waiting for yet another listing, which might potentially sky-rocket LSK in the following weeks.

Lisk is Getting Listed on OKEx Exchange

In the most recent tweet that has been posted in the morning on June 3rd, the team behind Lisk (LSK) announced that LSK is going to be listed on OKEx exchange market.

On this occasion, the team behind LSK asset has added that Lisk is going to get several trading pairs with its new listing on the mentioned exchange, which means that Lisk is going to be marked as tradable with BTC, ETH and USD as available on OKEx.

The team has also stated that the listing is to become official tomorrow on June 4th when the market for LSK will be open on the mentioned exchanges, while withdrawals are going to be enabled the next day on June 5th.

OKEx made a similar tweet a day before on June 2nd, announcing to its clients that their exchange now supports LSK for live trading.

The reactions of LSK holders were priceless as everyone congratulated the listing on OKEx.

OKEx stands for a prominent exchange platform that has special tools available for professional investors, while it also comes with a use of vault, a digital wallet with top-notch security alongside with a block explorer, which means that OKEx will make a great addition to LSK listings with a great potential to sky-rocket this currency by making it available for its clients.

Lisk and the Network Bug

Yesterday, on June 2nd, around the time when OKEx announced that Lisk (LSK) is going to get a listing on their exchange, an unexpected bug occurred on the Lisk blockchain, which made all transactions stop immediately.

The CEO of LSK took the liberty to justify this bug by explaining on the Reddit post he had published after the bug has been noticed, stating that the transactions stopped due to a bug that was initiated by a faulty transaction.

As Max Kordek, the CEO of Lisk added further in his post, it was determined that an anonymous source has broadcasted the faulty transaction which immediately switched the automated protocol that stopped all transactions at once.

The bug in the code was described as a unique and deceiving “edge-case” bug, which means that the transaction could go on as valid although it was empty, which consequently caused all transaction processes to shut down due to safety measures.

Max Kordek added that the transaction was recognized as a faulty transaction, so the team was able to remove it, taking the system back into shape afterward.

In order to solve this problem, the team had to freeze all transactions that were supposed to be processed at the time, which caused the new transactions to build upon the system of the LSK network.

Lisk and the Market

Lisk (LSK) was having a rough time for the past two months as we can see it dropping on its monthly charts, however, LSK managed to redeem itself in the market by collecting a set of rises of 14% against the dollar in the last seven days, while it continued to rise up against the dollar in the past couple of days.

Following the latest change in the market, LSK is seen rising up by 7.26% against the dollar, while it is also going up in oppose to BTC by over 6%.

After the most recent change in  its price, LSK can be purchased at the price of 10.12$ per one unit, which is a solid value for this asset although three times lower in oppose to its all-time high of 32$ which was set back in January 2018 when the majority of currencies managed to set their record prices.

With the latest listing on OKEx, which makes up for one of the most popular exchange platforms among the professional investors, Lisk (LSK) might get closer to getting back on the track of acquiring its record price once again.

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