John McAfee is known as one of the pioneers in the world of cybersecurity, as well as for being a respectful billionaire who has a tendency towards blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, however, what he became most known by since the Big Bang of the digital assets and blockchain technology. While some crypto enthusiasts consider that John McAfee is being paid for his predictions, others believe that McAfee’s crypto predictions are as solid as a rock.

John McAfee Claims: EOS to reach 36$ by the end of July

One of the most famous predictions that Mr. McAfee shared with his Twitter followers claims that BTC is going to reach a price of 500.000$ per one unit by the year of 2020. He even made a bet with one of his followers who didn’t believe him on his prediction, which was made back in 2017, when cryptos were entering a bright phase of collecting rises. Bitcoin reached 20.000$ per one unit at the time.

However, there is one recent prediction that seems to be already going in the right direction. Apparently, John McAfee predicted that EOS will be reaching 36$ per one unit by the end of the July.

EOS is now worth 14.77$ per one unit with rising up against the dollar for the last two days, at this moment and in this situation supporting McAfee’s theory.

Apparently, it seems that EOS is recovering at a very strong pace of growth, rising up against the dollar by over 17% on June 2nd and going up against this fiat currency by over 13% on the date of this writing, June 3rd.

Currently ranked as the fifth-best currency in accordance with global coin ranking list, EOS has come a long way since it was first released, reaching the spotlight once this crypto was able to push Litecoin down to the 6th spot after LTC was holding onto its previous ranking for quite some time.

EOS made it through the market dip as well, getting to keep the place number 5 despite the frequent drops and sluggish trends in the market that appear every now and then, now being worth over 13 billion dollars in market capitalization.

At this moment, EOS is waiting for its Mainnet to be officially launched with the EOS tokens being frozen at the time of this writing when there are only 10 hours left until the launching of the EOS’ own network.

The Mainnet launch is also set to potentially skyrocket EOS while increasing the trading volume as a consequence.

Considering the latest progress of EOS and its ranking alongside with the latest Mainnet launching and juicy rises in its value for the past two days, it becomes evident that McAfee’s prediction regarding EOS’ price might as well come true.

The prediction stated that EOS is to acquire a price of 36$ per one unit by the end of July, so EOS has almost two months to live up to expectations of Mr. McAfee and prove the value of his crypto predictions.

EOS and the Market

In the last 60 days, EOS managed to rise up by 140% in the last 60 days which makes it one of the top gainer among the top cryptos.

However, on the monthly chart, we can see EOS marked in red by -18% against the dollar in the last 30 days, which is most probably the case due to frequent cases of sluggish trends in the market that appear too often at this point. During the period of the last two weeks, EOS went up by 12%, while it surpassed this result within the period of the last seven days as this crypto went up by 19% against the dollar during the last week. Yesterday on June 2nd, it was spotted that EOS acquired a rise of over 17% against the dollar while we can see it rising up by over 13% today.

Following the latest change in the market, EOS is going up by 13.26% against the dollar, which means that EOS can now be traded at the price of 14.77$ per one unit.

That being said, although many crypto enthusiasts are taking Mr. McAfee’s predictions arbitrarily, it is not difficult to conclude that the prediction of EOS being worth at 36$ per one unit, is indeed likely to happen if you take EOS’ current position in the market, the most recent rises and the launching of the long-expected Mainnet.

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