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VeChain Thor blockchain release is gaining traction as the network strives to ensure that the launch is smoothly executed. The network is intensifying security testing by third parties. The concentration is on alpha testing, testing the code, auditing the code, besides in the previous month it tested the security of the mobile wallet. The tests are expected to maintain the same vigor until the mainnet launch. The team at VeChain (VEN) says:

“We at VeChain take security seriously, and have placed the highest priority upon it. We believe true security requires the collaboration with outside forces, and to that extent we have begun working with multiple security firms during our mainnet testing.”

VeChain (VEN) is collaborating with various companies in the industry including:

  1. Secureware

Is a company that specializes in blockchain security by offering support to the networks intending to develop and launch their software. Secureware has an array of skills from its highly skilled individuals with vast experience from the blockchain industry, academic research as well as venture capital assistants who help to engage with clients as well as “time-sensitive delivery.”

2. Hosho

Hosho, on the other hand, is a blockchain security enterprise. It is a global sensation in the technology and business space. Hosho offers security services to fortune 500 companies as well as startups. The company has its main focus on blockchain security and carries out smart contracts auditing along with penetration testing services.

3. SlowMist

SlowMist too is a blockchain security firm formed by a team that had extensive experience in the cyber security sector. Some of their security experts have worked with multi-corporations like Google, W3C, Microsoft, Tencent and even China Ministry of Public Security. Its main focus lies on security auditing, deployment of security defense systems, background hacker tracking and stoppage.

 4. HackenProof

It forms part of the Hacken Ecosystem, similarly, it is crowdsourced and rewards vulnerability finders. It brings companies from around the world together on a single platform that allows security experts to collaborate in finding bugs and vulnerabilities way ahead of time.

At the moment, all these firms are concentrating on testing VeChainThor Blockchain. Consequently, most of the intensive work at this stage is on:

  1. Reviewing VeChainThor mainnet source code

This is being done by testing the blockchain source code, auditing the security of node communication, ensuring that the node consensus algorithm is secure including virtual machine security audit.

2. Testing the VechainThor wallet

The security wallet testing involves auditing the app security, configuring the server security, auditing the identity management system, certification as well as authorization. The teams will also look into session management auditing and cryptographic security auditing among other security aspects. VeChain has resolved to be one of the most secure networks in the industry. In addition to the above security companies, VeChain said that:

“We have utilized the HackenProof to invite over 100 developers to the private bug bounty program to conduct similar analyses. Many of our strategic partners and dApps projects are also very active in participating in the alpha testing in an effort to secure the ability to run their applications on the VeChainThor Platform as quickly as possible after mainnet launch.”

After the mainnet launch, VeChain (VEN) has also promised to continue working with these firms to ensure continued security of the blockchain. Performance is also of great importance because the network is expecting to be handling trillions of transactions, therefore they will continue to ensure that the system remains faultless, fast and reliable.

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