It is no secret that Cardano (ADA) has a human face and keeps surprising many in the crypto industry. Despite the bullish market, ADA is making inroads in areas where other coins are shy to tread. These inroads are set to bear fruits once the market recovers. However, the coin popularity seems to be working strongly against the digital coin market forces.

Cardano hit the market late last year and is shaking the best in the industry. In less than a year, the coin has moved to rank 7 by market cap. The grassroots mobilizations of fans through meet-ups and partnerships with reputable companies are reasons the coin is being sought after and getting global recognition.

Why is Cardano Becoming the Investor Haven?

One interesting aspect of Cardano (ADA) that other coins do not realize is its ability to work from the ground up. The coin seeks to identify problems facing the consumer right from their natural “habitants”. The team has been to East Africa, Middle East and the Caribbean to gather information on consumer concerns.

Cardano has collaborated with players in different industries including agriculture, IT, Education, Smartphone security among others. To crown it all, their native Deadalus wallet is all inclusive and user friendly. It had basic functions for the non-tech user up to those who are tech-savvy.

After the smart contract testnet launch on Cardano (ADA), things have been looking up for the ADA coin. More and more applications are beginning to be run on the Cardano KEVM and investor confidence appears to be creeping back spiking the coin price.

Making the Cardano Ecosystem Secure

As the Ethereum vulnerabilities settles down, Cardano not taking its chances and to them, smart contracts is a key area that need to be addressed. They are working round the clock to guard the ecosystem against bugs that might cause similar flaws like the ones experienced by EOS several days ago.

Given the recent findings that 3.4% of all smart contracts are vulnerable, taking the correct measures is the only way out. Vulnerabilities are responsible for hack which trickles down to the investor losing confidence on the affected outfit. KEVM is seen to offer the best solutions for it to maintain its global popularity and appeal.

Why Stake on Cardano?

The protocol is utilized in a smart way; without a clear use case, the Cardano outfit is scalable and sustainable. Just like older coins, Cardano has no defined product on offer but supports users from the grassroots to solve their perceived problems.

The team behind Cardano keeps pulling user to the network. The team has proven its professional prowess which continues to endear more users to the community. This is one of the reasons why the price is surging though slowly. The tam is user centric and has been organizing various meet-ups to connect with the user and help them make decisions on the ground.

Cardano Price Recap

At the time of writing, the ADA coin is down to BTC by 1.54% while it is gaining against the dollar by 1.30% to trade at$0.224165 after a total of $108.8million worth of ADA changing hands in the last 24 hours.  Binance, Huobi and Upbit are the major movers of the coin.

As the market continues to recover albeit subtly, ADA is poised for a major breakout once the movers show the market the direction. Bitcoin is still struggling to break the $7,500 handle and the present bull-run will see major Altcoins benefit. It is just a matter of days before ADA climbs above the $1 mark.

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