SuchApp (SPS)

SuchApp (SPS) is represented on ICO Bench as a prominent blockchain-based ecosphere (rather than ecosystem), specifically designed to support 5G messaging while encouraging people to adopt a far more efficient way of communicating and socializing with people. That is how SPS, or SuchApp, represents what is said to be a powerful combination of a digital asset and loyalty planned features that are based on bonuses. Thanks to the strategic partnership of this interesting blockchain project for 5G messaging, that SuchApp has made with the Billionaire Society, brought Mr. Prashant Mehta, a billionaire from one of the well-known families in India, straight to SuchApp.

SuchApp: Indian Billionaire Makes a Huge Investment

One of the main indicators that SuchApp has a rather bright future in the crypto market is the fact that SPS managed to acquire a strategic partnership with the Billionaire Society.

This partnership brought them to Mr. Prashant Mehta, who comes from a famous and respectful Mehta family. Mr. Mehta was soon made into one of the most prominent investors for SuchApp thanks to the fact that he had become an Angel Investor for SPS.

At the same time, this partnership also confirms that the market is ready to test and use 5G, which is a fifth-generation wireless and cellular technology, around which SuchApp is based among being based on blockchain technology.

SuchApp is presenting their project as the first blockchain messenger platform with 5G ecosphere that allows faster performance when compared to 4G.

The significance of their strategic partnership viewed in Mr. Prashant’s readiness to invest in SPS is also visible in the fact that the Mehta family, being widely influential, owns offices in Mumbai, Antwerp, London and New York, being the global giants in the industry of diamonds for the last eighty years, while Mr. Prashant works as the head of the management at Hallmark Diamonds, which represents the largest company in the industry since the year of 1999.

SuchApp towards Mass Adoption with Mehta Family

In the spirit of sealing the deal with SPS, Mr. Prashant Mehta stated that they believe in the efficiency and the potential of blockchain technology as there are obviously various options for implementing blockchain into everyday business and personal purposes that will in many ways enrich the lives of blockchain users.

The team behind SuchApp has thanked Mr. Prashant and the Mehta family for noticing the potential their foundation is holding within the technology behind their 5G ecosphere, so in the spirit of acquiring a strategic partner and a supporter in Mr. Prashant, the team behind SuchApp has stated that they are thankful for this recognition as the Mehta family has the ability to take the lead towards the mass adoption of SPS and SuchApp

In addition to talking about the technological potential of SuchApp, Mr. Prashant also stated that he believes that once SuchApp is released for the public use, it will release a massive potential not only for improving communication and socialization between people but push Indian business and entrepreneurship towards a certain development.

With the technology that makes SuchApp a revolutionary piece of blockchain-based systems and with the ability of the Mehta family to vouch for SuchApp as a masterful back up in the “real world”, SPS and SuchApp might be heading towards mass adoption starting from the Indian market, sooner than expected.

What SuchApp Has to Offer?

It is very important to know that SuchApp makes up for more than a messaging application. SuchApp is an ecosphere that works with 5G, which is the fifth-generation wireless and cellular technology that is set to make records in promptness and efficiency in oppose to 4G and previous technologies.

To be able to understand what SuchApp has to offer to its potential users is to think of it as of a large-scale platform for social interaction that runs on the blockchain.

With this social platform, almost anything you can imagine that revolves around communication and socializing is made possible.

Sounds too good to be true?

Not at all if you take a look at the SPS whitepaper, as well as their ranking and presentation of their project available on ICO Bench.

SuchApp allows all users to take advantage of a fast performing platform that enables 4k filming, chatting, recorded videos, live streaming, text messaging, VoIP interaction between several or more parties as well as numerous business-related tools for small and medium-sized companies that are looking for fast and economical blockchain solutions for loyalty programs, customer service and marketing campaigns.

Visit the SuchApp website today to learn more about this revolutionary messaging service and its upcoming ICO, which is set to launch in the next few days.

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