Storiqa (STQ) has pumped by more than 70% in the last 24 hours. This comes after this project was named by NASDAQ as one of the projects that you can bet your house on. According to the NASDAQ article, Storiqa has a huge potential because it aims to allow users buy and sell products online using cryptocurrencies. It also points out that the Storiqa is unlikely to be affected by U.S regulations since it is based in Russia. Both of these are valid points that have the potential to push up the value of this crypto in the short-run. But are these enough to push up Storiqa in the future?

Well, chances are they are important, and will play a significant role in its future growths. That’s because, there is a huge gap in the application of blockchain technology in ecommerce. In essence, the fact that Storiqa is one of the projects that have pioneered in this space, gives it is the opportunity to grow in the long-run.

Other factors that are guaranteed to push up Storiqa (STQ) going forward include the fact that it is increasingly getting added to exchanges. Since it was highlighted on NASDAQ, the number of exchanges looking to list Storiqa have increased. For instance, today Storiqa has announced via twitter that they have been added to HotBit and Coinbene. These listings and many more that are in the pipeline are likely to push up the volumes of Storiqa traded, which will also drive up the price.

A surge in volumes could see the value of this crypto rise up to over 3 cents in coming weeks, and even higher prices over time. This has always been the case with all other cryptos. If at some point Storiqa gets listed by a major exchange like Binance or Bitfinex, the value of this crypto could shoot by a huge margin.

In coming weeks, Storiqa (STQ) could also pump even further because it will be participating in the upcoming Rise conference in Asia. This conference has been ranked as one of the most influential blockchain conferences in the world.  This means that it will have a large number of participants, and any projects featured in it are likely to attract lots of attention in the market.  For a project like Storiqa which has already been given some major publicity by NASDAQ getting featured in this conference will be a welcome boost to its value, both in the short run, and in the long-term.

Personally, I believe that the value of Storiqa will mainly be driven by the publicity that it has got from NASDAQ.  That’s because NASDAQ is a respected entity in finance, and their cryptos of choice are likely to attract institutional investors. Such investments will be a major boost to the value of Storiqa (STQ) in the future. After all, for the last few months the market has been waiting hard for institutional money to ignite the market. As such, projects that will get it, are guaranteed to be winners in the long-run.

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