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Ripple (XRP) has been under a one dollar price for a while now, while we can see it far from its all-time high of above 3$ per one unit for quite some time. Ranked as the number 3 top coin on the global coin ranking list, Ripple is still thriving in some fields if not in the market, so we can see it getting new partnerships and sealing deals that slowly led Ripple to become one of the most massively adopted blockchain technologies, mostly thanks to their technology xCurrent, which became adopted by more than several financial foundations and banking institutions. However, on the behalf of the XRP holders that are still interested in XRP and the value of this digital asset, we are interested in finding on how could it become possible for Ripple to reach 5$ per one unit in the near future.

How Can XRP get to the Price of 5$?

It is important to know that Ripple (XRP) currently has 3 separate systems that are designed to support fast and economic money transfers. It is even more important to know in this story, that only one of those systems actually needs XRP.

The system that actually needs XRP out of the three existing systems created by Ripple is called xRapid.

It is a fact that Ripple seems to be more in favor of promoting the other two systems, xVia and xCurrent, having xCurrent being more favorable to banking institutions and financial services.

The idea with xRapid is to have any amount of money sent by this system, received by the other party in only a couple of seconds. That is how Santander bank, one of Spain’s banking giants, is planning on using Ripple’s system for allowing their users to send and receive their money the same day while having their funds available in only a couple of hours.

However, for the purpose of making their payment system faster, Santander will be using xCurrent, and as we know xCurrent doesn’t require XRP in order to be functioning unlike their system xRapid, so Santander’s users won’t have the need to buy XRP.

So, why is this important for the price?

It most definitely is, because if Ripple (XRP) would have gone ahead with promoting a system that requires their digital asset to be used, XRP would be able to get closer to the price of 5$ that has been symbolically set as the new record for XRP in the market.

But the thing is that the team behind this asset itself claims that they are not interested in promoting XRP as a coin while adding that they don’t see XRP as a coin but rather as a digital asset that serves the purpose of supporting xRapid system.

The team is acting in accordance with their philosophy, so we can see that Ripple’s technology is the one getting all the fame while XRP is far from being massively adopted as a coin or a digital asset.

That is because it is pretty difficult to see Ripple getting to the price of 5$ any time soon – the team is not doing a fair share of promotion of their asset as they are driven by promoting and representing the technology behind Ripple.

So, it is Ripple ledger that is getting massively adopted, and not XRP, which probably sets the mood off for many XRP holders.

In case the team would spend some time promoting xRapid as well, since this system requires the support of XRP, it is more likely that XRP would get closer to reaching the mentioned price goal since there would be more people in need for the coin, so the trading volume of XRP would consequently go up with the increased market demand.

Ripple and the Market

The current state for XRP in the market is realistically far from the 5$ price as we can see it trading below the one dollar value, while dropping by 4.90% against the dollar today on May 28th.

Following the latest change in the market, we can see the majority of currencies going down while trading in the red, which is the case for XRP as well.

In addition to dropping against the dollar, XRP is also going down against BTC by over 3%.

That is how Ripple (XRP) can now be traded at the price of 0.57$ per one unit, with still no clear signs that XRP will soon get to be traded at the price of 5$ per one unit.

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