As cryptocurrency users, we often get to the point where we are actually not sure about what’s the best option to put our bets on in the market. There isn’t any doubt that the cryptosphere is full of choices, each one of which provides us with amazing features that are worth to pay attention to, but what’s the best to get in the current panorama?

A name that everybody has in their mouth lately is EOS, a well-structured coin with astonishing characteristics that are worth mentioning. Here we describe the main attributes this cutting-edge cryptocurrency has to offer. Stay tuned!

The EOS token

EOS is a blockchain-based platform and cryptocurrency token that was originally designed to serve as a smart contract platform for decentralized applications and corporations. It surged not so long ago back in January of 2018 by the hands of Dan Larimer and, which have worked along to develop a solution for issues of speed, scalability and user experience of the industry.

The company has managed to eliminate usual problems from the picture like the charge of high fees; allowing its users with charge-free transactions alongside additional features such as the recovery of accounts, a fact that the platform provides mainly by making use of the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

In the short term, EOS has turned into a fully-decentralized operating system that supports high-scale applications of the industry and aims to completely erase transaction fees as well as executing million of operations per second.

In a manner of general terms, that’s what we can say of EOS. However, it as well has specific attributes that make it a fantastic coin to invest in. Let’s see some of them!

A multidisciplinary team

Behind a crypto with such well-deployed strategies definitely, it got to be an excellent team. EOS has without a doubt one of the most interdisciplinary teams in the industry, starting with its head and continuing with all of the staff, which are people who individually have deployed successful and remarkable projects.

Also, with the help of the efforts of the team, the company has accomplished to take the attention of prominent figures of the industry such as Eric Schmidt and Mike Novogratz.

EOS scalability

Unlike some of the other coins of the industry, EOS was built specifically thinking of the problems scalability had given to other cryptocurrencies. This way, massive adoption of the currency is indeed not a problem for a platform that was designed to hold millions of users at a time making use of its cryptocurrency.

EOS solutions

EOS have been compared in several occasions with Ethereum (ETH), a fact that actually has its foundations on the related visions of both coins, to become a decentralized world for trading with cryptos.

However, in the case of Ethereum, this is a vision that slowly has transformed, even getting to the point where the Ethereum team decided to let these plans behind as it requires lots of work and implementations.

In the opposite side of the pic, EOS has not given up on this target, and that’s why it surged as the primary option to migrate to work with a better-equipped ecosystem and obtain more scalability.

Like this, EOS has become its own competitor, and success is definitely showing up with cases such as the successful ICO the company deployed for a whole year where they managed to obtain 2 billion dollars of funds.

EOS inflation system

For most of the coins, all of the facts related to funding activities, result in a very worrying situation. This is something EOS has already thought through by creating an inflation system that supports the funds of the company.

This way, EOS relies on annual inflation of the 5 percent. This percentage is used to pay block producers, and at the same time for requests of the whole community.


EOS definitely looks strong in the cryptosphere right now, being ranked as the number 5 in the market and having increased a 2.76 percent just in the last 24 hours. In addition, the coin is forecasted to get a significant boost in the coming days as the mainnet will be launched in June.


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