ZenCash (ZEN) is a digital asset that has been designed to approach the privacy feature a little different from other privacy-focused coins in the market. It has what is known as selective privacy which allows the users to have complete private addresses or utilize addresses that are pseudonymous like Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is mined and employs the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

ZenCash has recently been listed on the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. The exchange is very popular in the Asian market but is also gaining traction across the world. ZenCash announced via Twitter that the asset, ZEN is available for trading in various pairs on the exchange including ZEN/BTC, ZEN/ETH and ZEN/BNB. The co-founder of ZenCash, Robert Viglione said:

“Our listing on Binance is a critical step forward in expanding our Asian presence and making the Zen platform available to a broader audience. As we advance our mission to promote the human right to privacy, this listing will help us become the most useful and reliable cryptocurrency for private and anonymous transactions, messaging, and publishing.”

Binance has been the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the industry. It offers the customers secure, reliable, transparent and fast transactions. Binance can achieve more than 1.4 million trading orders per second. The Director of Business Development at Binance, Ashley Oy said in a comment:

“Binance strives to offer our users the ability to participate in the most innovative and disruptive projects in the space. ZenCash (ZEN) long-term vision of developing a global, privacy-focused ecosystem make it a seamless fit for the ever-expanding Binance community.”

ZenCash team has been working to ensure continued development of the blockchain and that upgrades are released on time. The latest partnership with Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) promises to develop systems that will spearhead secure untraceable transactions for a bigger ecosystem spanning across the globe. ZenCash (ZEN) will work closely with the team at IOHK to study the possibilities of the blockchain as well as scalability.

The network also announced another game-changer partnership with Blue-Frontiers. Both companies will use their resources to “explore technical opportunities where both projects can collaborate on a variety of timely social, economic, and governance issues.” Blue-Frontiers has a vision and mission to develop off-shore startup communities. ZenCash will provide the technology to ensure the success of the project and bring solutions for real-world problems. Blue-Frontiers announced the partnership saying:

“Blue Frontiers is thrilled to formalize a partnership with ZenCash. We recognize ZenCash as a leader in the cryptocurrency space – a leader that is true to core values of privacy and decentralization. We’ve been honored to have ZenCash founder Rob Viglione present at our First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering in May of 2017”

ZenCash Price Overview

ZenCash (ZEN) is trading at $36 at the time of writing and is up a whopping 10% in the last 24 hours. The crypto spiked on Binance listing from trading below $30 and exchanged hands at $49.5. The price dropped to $30 after rumors that Binance had postponed the listing due to hump and dump. However, it is now gaining traction towards $40.00. ZenCash trading volume is boomed from $383,118 recorded on May 20 to $62,711,500 on the day of listing. Currently, the volume is slightly below $20 million while the market capitalization stands at $133 million.

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