With only 5 more days on the clock to spare for Tron (TRX) biggest event so far, the Main Net launch, the team is set to transform their network completely to move to a higher dimension. Evidently, the founder and his foundation both have been occupied completely with an overload of activities, yet so stable and smooth. The main net launch will not only make Tron independent of Ethereum’s blockchain but also allow Tron’s own token – TRX instead of ERC-20. The Main Net is set to be released on 31st and will go on till June 25th followed by a token swap process and the Super Representative Election on June 26th. The Virtual Machine release was the starter to all of this which officially made its debut on May 25th as promised by the team.

Virtual Machine:

The Alpha version of Tron (TRX) Virtual Machine [TVM] saw light yesterday, with the official launch, which is claimed to be the cornerstone of Tron’s ecosystem. TVM is a non-bulky, Turing virtual machine developed with the aim to provide custom-built efficient, convenient, stable, secure, and scalable blockchain system to millions of global developers. Furthermore, TVM employs the concept of Bandwidth which is different from the gas mechanism on Ethereum’s EVM. This makes operations of transactions or smart contracts on TVM free with no tokens consumed. Technically, executable computation capacity on TVM is not restricted by a total holding of tokens.

Continued Support from Exchanges:

Tron has already received an overwhelming response from the community and exchanges for its network transformation and migration like Binance, RightBTC, Bitfinex to name a few. Adding to the list with extended support are few more giants from the industry who announced earlier this week: Upbit, Bithumb, Liqui, Bithumb Korea, DragonEx, BITKOP, and Bitbns. The total number of exchanges being listed now sums up to 19 as seen on May 26th.

Additionally, Tron will be listed on IDAX, the first Mongolian licensed Exchange created by GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center), which already obtained the authorization from Mongolian National Assembly Parliament and cryptocurrency exchange license issued by the central bank, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron tweeted earlier this week. The post also mentioned that soon IDAX will cooperate with the Central Bank of Mongolia to issue cryptocurrency with fiat rivets. The exchange currently ranks 20th in the world.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

They launched a strategic partnership with Hydro Protocol where the pairing to Tron’s lightning fast TPS will ensure users a premium P2P trading experience with the creation of all-new status Quo. They will both together work on the underlying technology, transport protocol, matching methods, and open source public blockchain. As a team, they will strive to provide the industry with a safe, secure and transparent experience, with cross-exchange liquidity by exploring possibilities for developing a P2P trading platform on the main net and fully utilize TRON’s high TPS and zero fee features to provide a better user experience, they declared in their social media post.

Justin Sun stated:

“In the blockchain world today, a centralized trading experience is still the status quo. Trading speed is the main impediment to a more secure P2P trading experience. Hydro is a great venture into the P2P trading field and has performed very well on DDEX. We look forward to working with Hydro to provide traders and industry players a premium P2P trading experience through the TRON network.”

Following this, Apple also officially included TRX pricing allowing around 1 billion users to stay updated with the market information. TRX-USD can be added to the stocks app.

The latest of the collaborations for Tron (TRX) was with vSport as they look forward to launching a new era for Soccer Blockchain. Their partnership seal agrees to share resources, collaborate on tech challenges, build communities, deliver premium content, and expand their reach. Tron steps ahead to the sports industry with the help of vSport to make blockchain technology more commonplace while also developing the soccer industry’s blockchain ecosystem. Being the world’s largest blockchain-based dApp OS, Tron aims to decentralize the web by building the required infrastructure. The 2018 Russia World Cup will kick off on June 14th, putting soccer in the global limelight once again. According to sources, both of the companies will together work on a blockchain-based soccer results forecasting platform, providing an all-new, better quality soccer watching and entertainment experience. vSport will also join forces with various ecosystem partners to create the first blockchain football World Cup.

The co-founder of vSport, Qiang Bai says:

“Collaborating with TRON allows us to join forces with another strong company, leveraging our soccer and sports resources to solve difficult soccer and sports industry-related issues. We will work together to build and nurture a healthy soccer and sports ecosystem. I believe this will be a great way to give back to soccer fans around the world.”

Main Net launch and all necessary preparations:

A strategic conference on the main net launch will be held at 11 am (UTC+8), May 31st as the world will witness a new revolution in the blockchain industry. The team has taken all efforts to make the launch as hassle-free and as convenient as possible to the entire community. They have also released guides for users, exchanges, SR’s, and developers on how to, when to, and what to do after the main net launch with complete details on their official site.

Tron (TRX) SR Elections:

As the election day is nearing, many big firms from the industry are queuing up to take part in it. According to reports, accountable entities exceed 100 including technology, the blockchain, and exchange companies are candidates for the election.


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