Qtum (QTUM) has recently announced the launching of the Qtum X86 Virtual Machine which means that this blockchain based project is now offering a more scalable and simpler solution for operating with smart contracts while allowing developers to work with numerous programming languages which include C++, Python and many more. Meanwhile, Coinbase, one of the most prominent exchanges in the crypto market has announced that they will be adding ERC20 tokens, so the public is expecting to see Qtum getting a listing on Coinbase first in the line, and here’s why.

Qtum: the Best of Bitcoin and Ethereum

One of the main reasons to believe that Qtum (QTUM) is next in the line to get a listing on Coinbase is the fact that Qtum isn’t just another ICO that was launched with a random niche industry only to get o the market while making a profit – it is quite the opposite.

Qtum is still a rather young coin given the fact that it was launched in 2017, which was less than a year ago at this point, and it was launched as an ICO with a hybrid platform based on the blockchain technology.

Qtum’s platform is said to be hybrid because this digital asset combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum, that way fixing all the issues the developers spotted in BTC and ETH networks prior to designing QTUM ICO.

That is how Qtum is a highly scalable platform that allows the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications in a simplified way when compared to Ethereum, which currently holds the spot of the second best currency in accordance with the global coin ranking list.

Qtum (QTUM), although nearly a newbie on the block, is currently ranked as the 20th-best coin, due to its market cap.

Given the fact that the team behind QTUM has found a way to take the best out of the two top coins, it is more than likely that we will soon get to see this asset listed on Coinbase.

Qtum: Anything but a Scam Coin

The number of scam coins became notoriously high once the cryptocurrencies started to get accepted widely while experiencing massive popularity around the globe.

The popularity that hit the crypto market for the past couple of years is the precise factor that conditioned the opportunistic scam coins to appear in the market.

There is a huge problem with a great portion of ERC20 tokens, as some networks allow its users to launch and make their own ICOs. A great deal of these tokens are “good to go” and represent no threat to the crypto community, however, some of these tokens are nothing more than scam coins.

Qtum stands out from such tokens, although itself makes up for a pioneer in the world of ERC20 assets, so Coinbase might find it as a match for their first of the announced listings of ERC20 tokens.

Moreover, Qtum is a member of Trust Alliance, which tells a lot about its technological development and among everything about its potential for further developments, also confirming that Qtum is definitely not a scam coin.

What about the Price?

Qtum did drop from the 11th spot on the global coin ranking list to the currently held place as the 20th-best currency on the global coin list back during the massive market dip that took place after the majority of digital assets have set their record prices in January.

The record price of Qtum was around 103$ per one unit, which was the main reason it had the ranking of the 11th-best currency in accordance with its market capitalization.

But, since then we have seen it plummeting to its current price of around 13$ per one QTUM unit, which means that QTUM would have to rise up to five times its current price in order to get back to its record price.

Since Coinbase is not taking the market value per one unit of the given currency as one of the standards for listing the mentioned currency, Qtum’s massive dip won’t be the thing to take it further away from the unofficial list of potential Coinbase listings, that are at this moment nothing but guessing based on the statement that Coinbase provided in their original announcement.

Qtum and the Market

As the market is showing a bullish trend of having the majority of currencies trading up against the dollar, QTUM makes no exception. That is how we can see it going up against the dollar while trading in the green. After the last 24 hours, Qtum has gone up by 1.22%, which means that QTUM can be traded at the price of 13.52$ per one unit.

In case Coinbase does decide to add Qtum as the first asset in the line of the announced ERC20 listings, we can surely expect to see some improvements in its trading volume.


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