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Charles Hoskinson updated the community via live Twitter announcement, held from Colorado in the United States after he was back from a brief holiday. He addressed the public and his Twitter followers with the goal to update the community on the Cardano 1.2 Update that has been expected for quite some time now. On May 24th, Cardano (ADA) own CEO live streamed his announcement where the public had a chance to hear more about the most recent updates of the long-expected Cardano 1.2 version. Here is what Charles Hoskinson talked about in his announcement.

Charles Hoskinson Updates the Community on Cardano Update 1.2

Charles Hoskinson talked to the community yesterday on May 24th when he addressed the public on the matter of releasing Cardano CL test net, alongside with talking about Cardano updates for version 1.2.

In case you have been following up with Cardano (ADA) during the past, you surely know that Charles Hoskinson announced the release of Cardano update back in March with the idea of having the new update released in mid-April.

We’ve seen mid-April come and go, but we haven’t seen any updates or heard from Cardano team. That is why Cardano’s own CEO decided to address the public and announce the new updates on the spoken matter of releasing Cardano CL test net and the updates for the version 1.2.

The idea is to have the latest version of 1.2 to come with the release of Paper wallets alongside with bringing novelties in form of enhanced security, an improved system, fixed network and the preparation for a more smooth user-end experience with improving the performance of the network.

Charles Hoskinson also added in his live appearance that the reason for being late for the previously set date of the release is the fact that there was much work to be done on the network so that everything would be launched in a flawless state.

Moreover, it is very important that the latest updates get tested, so the ADA team has paired up with two testing companies, called Allied Firms and Kubik.

The two mentioned companies will be testing the new updates for several factors, including the feature testing, regression testing and finally smoke testing.

All these tests should allow the system to get fixed as during the testing, all discovered errors will be debugged, that way leaving a fixed and functional network.

The main idea is to have the network alongside with the new updates ready to support as many users as possible.

Besides from talking about improving overall security, enhancing performance and fixing bugs with the new Cardano (ADA) updates for version 1.2, Cardano’s CEO talked about the plans the team has for summer and fall.

He further stated that there will be announcements made in the future regarding these plans for the near future. Although the details about the plans for summer and fall weren’t revealed, Hoskinson mentioned that the team is planning on dealing with Cardano’s Treasury, RENA, and Hydra, so we can expect more news on the mentioned project in summer and fall.

Reactions to the live announcement from Orlando left numerous fans enthusiastic as Charles Hoskinson mentioned that the release of the new update is expected during the next week, which means that the release should take place at the beginning of June.

Although a bit late when compared to the previously set date of the release, the community is ecstatically waiting for the once again announced release of the new version 1.2.

However, some Redditors noted that although ADA’s CEO did talk about the new updates and the future of Cardano he didn’t talk much about the future of their currency, ADA.

However, Hoskinson claims that Cardano (ADA) should aim for being competitive in the terms of features and technological progress and not its price in the market.

We bet many holders would differ to disagree.

Cardano and the Market

After a single a day of having the majority of digital assets trading up in the green while collecting rises against the dollar, we can again see a great portion of the market plummeting down with today’s trend.

That is how ADA is dropping as well with the most recent change in the market, going down against the dollar while trading in the red,

After the most recent change in the market, Cardano (ADA) has dropped by -2.52% against the dollar, while it is also going down against BTC for over 1%.

Following the latest change in its value, the 8th-best currency can now be traded at the price of 0.20$ per one unit.

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