Investing in cryptos has never been a walk in the park for both he ardent fanatics and newbies. One has to look at the future or the coin or token they are staking on and a good future coin at the moment is Verge (XVG) looking at the price point of view and you stand a rare chance if buying XVG at the current low price.

With the current influx of more cryptocurrencies entering the digital money markets, it is always important to look at the price structure before jumping in. The underlying infrastructures and technologies vary and you need to consider these in order to ascertain whether the promised value proposition is valid.

Verge (XVG) Pornhub Partnerships for Mass Adoption

In the recent months, Verge has hit the market for all good reasons. However, the good part is that it is set for mass adoption hat will see increase to the value of the coin. When there are more users, on the network, the value of the coin increase.

To ensure it hits the mass adoption target, Verge recently partnered with MaidGeek giving XVG a chance to be a payment method on their platform. The popularity of online porn in the modern times means that the Pornhub will give Verge the much needed boost to enter into this virgin market.

Verge (XVG) Listing on BiteBTC and XVG Debit Cards

In a bid to expand its global reach and an appeal, XVG has been listed on the BiteBTC exchange. This is a very influential exchange and will transform Verge in to a global brand. This will see increased volumes in the market making XVG a good investment set to double its current value.

The planned issuance of Verge (XVG) debit card is also a step towards making verge a coin of the future. This gives the users convenience and a better experience when shopping from Verge affiliate outlets worldwide. The TokenPay support for XVG will make transactions easy and to the micro-payment level.

Verge Partnership with FLOGmail

Since My 10th Verge users are able to settle their FLOGmail payments using XVG. This is a new entrant into the e-commerce industry and it is going to increase XVG usage and value into the market. The goal of the partnership is to increase their fan basses and create an enabling environment for mass adoption.

This comes at a time when Bitfinex has added fiat trading pairs for Verge (XVG) and Stellar (XLM) to their exchange. This venture will increase more XVG use option as well as extend its route to market. This makes verge one of the most exciting investment options for those looking for to invest on a coin of the future. With this arrangement, more investors are able to onboard and grow Verge to the next level,

Simply put;

“Adding Stellar and Verge to our platform underlines our commitment to extend the reach of Bitfinex traders to the most exciting investment opportunities in the space,” said Jean-Louis van der Velde, CEO of Bitfinex, in an announcement. “With a stellar combined market cap of $9+ billion, these elite tokens bolster our growing array of tokens as we continue to anticipate the needs and demands of the digital asset community.”

With the increased hype around privacy coins Verge (XVG) seems to be the biggest gainer. To date Pornhub has indicated they have processed thousands of XVG transactions successfully and it is also an exciting moment for both partners.

Verger (XVG) Market Performance

At the time of writing, XVG price was down by 15.59% against the dollar to trade at $0.04415. This comes at the backdrop of its stellar performance in April and there are indications that it will pull through the current resistance and go for a sustainable breakout by the beginning of July.

This is the best time to buy and hold on to XVG since all indications are the coin price will start surging once the market stabilizes. This is one of those rare chances that you need to consider and buy Verge (XVG) at the current price and be part of the ever growing community.

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