The market is in the red today, with bitcoin dropping below $8000.  While this is making some people skeptical about the crypto market, this is actually the best time to invest in good crypto projects. One project that looks heavily undervalued at current prices is Ontology (ONT). At the moment, Ontology is trading at around $6.48, after losing close to 11% in the last few hours. This is a good entry point for a project that has the potential to hit $100 and above in the future. Just in case you are wondering why Ontology has the potential for such a high valuation, let’s go through some of the reasons that will take give it a major boost.

One of the greatest strengths to Ontology is that it is meant to allow business that have no experience with blockchain technology, comfortably integrate this technology into their systems. Ontology has built a decentralized infrastructure, which makes business on-boarding to blockchain easy and efficient. Considering that decentralization is the future, which is why big business is taking interest, on-boarding blockchains like Ontology will play a central role in the future of business.

It is way more efficient for businesses to use blockchain ready projects like Ontology, than to build their own blockchain platforms from scratch. Just to give you an idea of the potential of Ontology, it recently signed a deal with Naga, a German fintech company. The strategic goal of this deal is to enable Naga use the Ontology ecosystem, in enhancing fintech efficiency. That’s a deal that could see the Ontology blockchain become the benchmark for blockchain on-boarding by the finance industry in the EU. This alone could push the value of Ontology to over $50 in the near future.

On top of that, Ontology has a massive potential in disrupting data management and identity systems across the world. The Ontology ID verification system allows for the identity of persons or entities to be verified on the public blockchain. This system has a wide range of uses across multiple industries. For instance, it can be implemented in the healthcare industry as a patient identification system to make patient identity even more secure and cost effective. It can also be used in other industries such as the insurance industry, as well as in the banking industry where personal identity is critical for security reasons.

These are lucrative industries that will give Ontology a massive value boost in the future. Just to give you perspective on this, if the Ontology ID system were to be used in the trillion dollar finance and banking industry, a $100 valuation would be a huge understatement. It could even get to $200 or more.

Ontology will also continue to be supported by the fact that it will allow holders to earn dividends, once the main net is launched.  For the chance to earn a passive income, you can expect the number of people holding Ontology to increase significantly in the second half of the year. This increase in demand is guaranteed to drive up the price of Ontology by a huge margin.  When you combine this with the possibility of a massive bull run in the entire market, it’s not hard to see why $6 is a massive discount for Ontology (ONT).


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