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NAGA Coin (NGC) price is booming on Wednesday morning having breached the resistance level at $0.60. The cryptocurrency is up 9.67% in the last 24 hours and is trading at $0.64 at the time of writing. NAGA Coin is sending waves in the market with its consistent uptrend that is threatening to break barriers beyond $1. Besides, its trading volume has been on the rise as Bittrex exchange adds support for the coin. NAGA Coin trading volume surged on the listing on Bittrex exchange from $1,458,950 recorded on May 21 to $12,809,400 traded on exchanges on May 22. The market capitalization, on the other hand, has maintained above $30,000 hitting over $40,000 on some days in the past few weeks.

The team was very excited for the listing on one of the largest exchanges in the world and relayed the news through their Twitter account. Benjamin Bilski said, “NGC is now tradable @BittrexExchange Very proud and grateful. Thanks, we will do our best to grow and deliver good products for the crypto world.” The team has been working to get the coin listed on various exchanges which will, in turn, increase the demand for the coin. They also promised to continue doing their best to ensure that NAGA Coin (NGC) is listed on the major exchanges in the market.

Consequently, the other game changer for this digital asset is the NAGA wallet. The wallet has received great success since the launch in April 2018 and has easily surpassed the standards of other wallets in the market to become the best cryptocurrency wallet ever built. Moreover, it makes sending and receiving cryptos easy by using an email address, can you believe it? A simple email address! The team had a vision to “take the cryptic out of the cryptos” by ensuring that they bring solutions that everybody without a deep knowledge of the blockchain can understand and appreciate. A section of the official blog post about the wallet reads:

“Aside from the user-friendly interface and the general overall simple, intuitive feel that comes from navigating NAGA WALLET, the biggest nod to simplicity is in the feature that allows cryptos to be sent via email.”

NAGA Coin wallet has brought simplicity to the cryptocurrency world especially when it comes to trading and storage of virtual currencies. Significantly, it is able to support over 1,200 cryptocurrencies and has the ability to make crypto-to-email transactions. NAGA wallet has eliminated the use of complicated private keys that are used by other wallets, for example, the MyEtherWallet. The wallet charges very minimal fees not seen anywhere in the digital space. Furthermore, internal transactions have zero fee charges, besides it has a hands-off approach and really cannot be compared to any other wallet in the industry at the moment.

NAGA wallet is also an information hub for various ICOs which allow investors to have an early look at the best investments in the industry. The data is real-time and even shows the price information for the tokens. Other essential features are making instant transactions as well as having a built-in exchange which enables the customers to change their virtual currencies by only a few clicks. A user talking to Bitcoinist said:

“I recently made a BTC transaction and forgot that I’d set a super low fee. I was afraid that it would be stuck there forever. In the end, I waited 7 hours for the confirmations to go through. With NAGA WALLET, however, transactions to other NAGA WALLETS are instant — now, I really understand the benefit.”

NAGA Coin (NGC) is on a roll and is bringing real-world solutions to the crypto world. It is a cryptocurrency to watch in 2018.

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