OPEN is now trading on KuCoin, as announced earlier during the day by the team behind the platform. OPEN stands for the first blockchain infrastructure for applications, aiming at making trading with digital assets easier than ever. They are proud to announce that as of today, all interested investors will be able to trade OPEN tokens on KuCoin exchange, which has become one of their notable partners, alongside with NEO, Draper Dragon, Sora, and DHVC. KuCoin should make up for another way for OPEN platform to get closer to mass adoption, and in that spirit, the team behind the first blockchain infrastructure for applications stated that the future is OPEN.

KuCoin and OPEN Platform

With the latest announcement, OPEN platform has announced that as of today at 10 am, all interested investors will be able to use KuCoin in order to trade with OPEN tokens, which should contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, as stated by the team further in the announcement.

The OPEN team has also added that KuCoin brings a reputable image to their platform, also making another great opportunity for the users of the platform and the new potential investors.

The team also stated that they are grateful to have a great number of supporters among the crypto community, so they have been working on providing another great opportunity for their faithful supporters.

This way, all investors that have missed their chance the last time when OPEN platform had a sale worth a quarter million dollars, can now take advantage of the latest partnership between KuCoin and the OPEN platform.

OPEN aims at changing the way that on-chain payments are being processed in the terms of application-to-application communication.

The team is especially proud of the fact that OPEN platform allows to easily make payments with minimal knowledge about the blockchain technology, thanks to the unique infrastructure of its network.

That is how all users can easily send and receive money while using the all-in-one feature where goods for applications can be easily accepted, transferred, authorized and verified.

All the Details on the Listing

The live listing has become official as of today, on May 22nd, which means that KuCoin has officially become available for OPEN users as OPEN tokens have been listed on this exchange market.

The team behind OPEN is happy to announce that the trading pairs OPEN/ETH and OPEN/BTC have become available on KuCoin exchange.

Given the fact that KuCoin exchange makes up for one of the greatest and most transparent exchange markets in the crypto community, OPEN tokens should now get closer to the next stage of the planned mass adoption of this crypto asset.

OPEN Platform and the Need for Partnerships and Exchanges

The platform is working on collecting valuable partnerships and exchanges that could potentially sky-rocket the tokens in the market during the following months, as well as to take OPEN to the next level of mass adoption.

With sealing the partnership with KuCoin exchange, the platform is enabling their users, investors, and developers to take advantage of live trading of OPEN tokens that would enable them to use the OPEN ecosystem.

The team behind the platform states that the centralized exchange markets like KuCoin make up for the best strategy they have towards the further progress, that way giving OPEN a chance to get closer to its future objectives alongside with tech development of the network.

The Future of OPEN Platform

Prior to the initial announcement of getting listed on KuCoin, OPEN platform has stated that there will be many announcements in the time to come with KuCoin listing being only the first in the row of good news.

OPEN also stated that they are happy to announce that their first strategic partner was nothing less than KuCoin, trusting that the faith of OPEN tokens is in good hands with their most recent listing.

However, the team has stated that this announcement is only the beginning of the following novelties that OPEN has installed for the near future. The team has added in their official announcement that they will continue to work on scalability, mass adoption of digital assets as well as versatility in the time to come, and with the objective to create a superb ecosystem that will match the need of their users and investors.

OPEN platform invites all investors and supporters to join them in their future devours as well as calling out to all interested parties to join their mission.


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