Are you looking to build a crypto portfolio made up of high potential coins that stand a good chance of growth in 2018? Well, you need to start looking into infrastructure type tokens, or as commonly known, utility tokens. These blockchains allows users to develop whatever applications they want for their needs. This gives utility focused blockchains an element of versatility that is unavailable, in cryptos that are designed to be currencies. They also have a wider scope of adoption because unlike currency tokens that might face regulatory bottlenecks to their adoption journey, utility blockchains and their tokens have no regulatory hurdles. That’s because they are primarily meant for adoption by companies and entire industries to enhance efficiency.  For instance, smart contracts are designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of the contracting process, and can be applied in any industry.

Ethereum is one of the best known utility tokens in the market, and has performed quite well so far, having rose from a few pennies to over $1000 during the last crypto boom. However, at the moment, there are cheaper options that have an even higher potential for gains in the future. One such high potential utility token is XinFin (XDCE).

One of the reasons why XinFin stands a good chance of exponential growth in 2018 is that it outperforms other better known infrastructure blockchains from a technical view point. For instance, when compared to Ethereum, XinFin is a hybrid blockchain, while Ethereum is public.  For most large corporations looking to develop applications on the blockchain, XinFin is a far better option because it is more secure, in terms of data privacy.  That’s because through its hybrid blockchain, corporations using XinFin can mask transactions containing confidential information, while at the same time allowing for the transactions to be verified on the public blockchain.

On top of that, XinFin has a very strong marketing team, for a crypto that is yet to gain widespread acceptance in the market. Its strong marketing strength reflects in its membership in the enterprise Ethereum alliance. Getting membership in such a prestigious crypto alliance is the result of strong technical and marketing capabilities. It’s not an alliance for any random crypto out there!  This alliance has not only given XinFin access to a wider range of talent, it has also given it a greater sense of credibility. This explains why XinFin has a large, and growing number of partnerships in crypto space.

It is also through a strong and aggressive marketing that XinFin is growing in acceptance by exchanges. A quick glance at the XinFin website reveals that the list of exchanges listing XinFin is growing by the day.  This will play a role in driving up volumes, and push up the price of XinFin in 2018 and beyond. Once this coin makes it to a major exchange like Binance, and it will pretty soon, it could quite easily make it to $1.

In essence, for a savvy investor looking to stock up on good utility tokens before the next crypto bull run, XinFin (XDCE) is one of the best tokens to stock up on. It is way undervalued when correlated to the partnerships it has gained so far, as well as its rate of adoption by exchanges.

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