Bytom (BTM)

Bytom (BTM) is one of the few coins in the cryptocurrency market that is focusing on building its blockchain protocol and growing the ecosystem. The digital asset is focused on becoming the intermediary connecting generalized blockchains to specialized blockchains. It is a digital asset that simplifies asset management in the cryptocurrency industry while at the same time helping to diversify the assets.

The development team was excited to release the Bytom Mainnet ‘Intelligent’ version on April 24, 2018. The event has been attracting the attention of many developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The Bytom Blockchain Protocol has been designed to be interactive and encompasses various byteassets. The team has a vision of linking the physical world with the digital world by building a bridge, while at the same time, creating a network that is decentralized and one that supports multiple digital assets. It is growing to become the world’s largest blockchain protocol by connecting digital assets classes to its platform. This will be accomplished by improving liquidity, security as well as assets value.

The mainnet journey and the final release marked a great milestone for Bytom (BTM). It brought the network a step closer to its vision. By utilizing this blockchain, diversification of assets blockchaination and efficient circulation is achievable. The Bytom Blockchain technology has been created for developers in the crypto industry and their input will go towards further development of the Bytom technology. Some of the features and contents of the mainnet 1.0.0 version include:

Genesis Block

It is generated by the Bytom network, besides after the Genesis block has been developed, it will then generate the BTM. This will be handled in the same way the tokens were released on the ERC20 token standardization.

AI-Friendly POW Algorithm

Bytom development team came up with a new algorithm referred to as Tensority. This new algorithm works on the basis of tensor calculation. Tensority consensus algorithm allowed the team to learn and use the advantages in the previous BTC, ETH and LTC algorithms. The team has improved on their strengths that in turn relieved the workload to be more ASICs friendly. Artificial Intelligence has also been factored in to ensure the cloud computing is accelerated, moreover, it reduces devices hardware waste hence making computing more socially valuable.


Both the Bytom Web and desktop wallet will be released with the mainnet. A manual has been developed to help the users in installing and navigation. However, the mobile wallet will be launched after the mainnet. Other contents of the Bytom Blockchain Protocol include and a new Bounty system, Bytom mining rewards and Blockchain explorer.

Bytom Mainnet release is creating waves in the market. It has also increased the appetite for BTM. At the time of writing, BTM/USD is up 20% in the last 24 hours while it is trading at $0.73. The circulating supply according to CoinMarketCap is 987,000,000BTM, while its trading volume in the last 24 hours is $133,030,000. Bytom (BTM) market capitalization stands at $730,139,172. The bulls are looking forward to $1.00, but in the meantime, they must overcome the resistance at $0.90.

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