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Ripple (XRP) might be one of the most-talked-about coins in the market, but it seems that Ripple didn’t do that well in the period of the last two months, as we could see XRP getting some to none of the market gains during the mentioned period of the last 60 days. However, Ripple has found a way to redeem for slowing down in the market and against the dollar, so we could see the XRP team on this year’s Blockchain  Week that was held in New York City a couple of days ago. Let’s see how everything went for XRP and the Ripple team on Blockchain Week 2018.

Blockchain Week 2018 and Ripple (XRP)

Ripple might not be thriving in its price, but judging by all the statements that have been made over time by the side of the XRP team, the team seems to be more interested in exposing XRP to the “real life” purposes by implementing the XRP protocols into various banking systems around the globe than pushing up the value of XRP as a currency in the market.

Considering all previous comments made by the XRP team, the team behind Ripple sees XRP not as a currency but as a digital asset that holds all of its value in its technological capabilities for making fast transactions.

That is how the Blockchain Week started with great announcements from various blockchain start-ups and companies that were a part of this summit. Ripple fans were no exception either, so it was easily seen that the XRP fans were thrilled to meet the team that made their favorite digital asset.

One of the most important things regarding the Blockchain Week was Consensus 2018, which gathered a significant number of people this year when compared to the previous years when the attendance to this summit was notably lower.

However, there are still not enough visitors as it was originally planned, and Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s first man, claims that the reason for a rather low attendance rate is the fact that the tickets for this summit are not as cheap as the crypto community would want it to be.

Given the fact that the tickets for this event are being sold in the range of 2000 to 3000 dollars, it is evident, claims Buterin, why not many people are showing up at the summit, although the number has been notably increased over the last few years.

The visitors could attend the summit as a part of the Blockchain Week and enjoy panels, interviews, presentations, interesting introspective, retrospectives, announcements of new projects and partnerships, as well as participating one of the live demonstrations as presented by XRP.

Apparently, all interested visitors could enjoy the live demonstration of Ripple (XRP) own xRapid.

That is how users could witness a live demonstration of this liquidity service that is made to provide smooth user-end experience thanks to its technology that allows fast and secure exchanges in any listed currency.

Alongside with demon starting the promptness and power of Ripple’s xRapid, David Schwartz also talked about volatility.

On this occasion, he explained how users of xRapid and other Ripple services are not forced into buying Ripple in order to use the existing services, which means that volatility seizes to exist as a problem in the market, at least for Ripple.

Users don’t have to worry about the volatility, claims Schwartz, as users don’t have to invest in XRP in order to use Ripple’s services.

Ripple and the Market

Although Ripple (XRP) seems to be struggling in the market for quite some time now, it seems that the team behind XRP doesn’t consider that to be a problem, as they place more effort in launching xRapid and other XRP services to real life use, targeting banking institutions as the main targeted audience.

However, there are still many holders that are interested in buying and investing in XRP.

In the last 60 days, it seems that Ripple has seen better days as we can see it going up for only 0.84% against the dollar in the period of the last two months.

In addition to a poor trading volume during the last two months, XRP has dropped by -25% in the period of the last two weeks as well as by -12% in the last seven days.

Following the latest change in the market as the majority of currencies are being traded in the red, Ripple (XRP) is also going down in the red, dropping against the dollar by -2.70%. XRP can thus be bought at the price of 0.66$ on May 18th, as a result of the latest change in the market.

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