Today TenX (PAY) is up by over 20% after news came out that it has been added to the Bithumb exchange. The excitement comes from the anticipation that this will drive TenX volumes higher in South Korea, hence pushing up the price.

This announcement comes a few days after the TenX team released a detailed progress report, which shows some great advancements on their roadmap.  For instance, the team has already had a discussion with regulators on the licenses that TenX require for it to offer financial services. This has got the market excited because it means that in the near future, TenX could get the banking license that has been part of its plans for some time now. Getting this license will make it even easier for TenX to serve crypto users even better, and that’s great for the value of TenX (PAY).

However, the biggest news coming up, and one that many are awaiting is the upcoming Comit network on the TenX platform. This is a big deal and for a good reason. Firstly, the Comit network will make transactions on the TenX network cheaper, which will be an incentive for most people to spend their cryptos through TenX.  While Comit might not give TenX instant results, it is great long-term bet. That’s because crypto adoption is becoming a reality all across the world, as merchants continue to adopt crypto payments. Even governments are now allowing crypto tax payments, pointing to a future where crypto adoption will be huge. As such, Comit will put TenX at the center of crypto adoption, with cheap and instant transactions.

Another benefit that Comit will bring to TenX, one that will take this crypto to the moon is user access to crypto assets from anywhere in the world. Through Comit, anybody holding crypto irrespective of which coin it is, can instantly exchange it for any other crypto, or for cash at any ATM point in the world using the TenX card.

With all this coming up, investors can expect the value of TenX to continue growing. We are headed into a future where crypto payments will be the norm. It may not happen instantly because people are still apprehensive about spending cryptocurrencies. No one wants to be like the guy that bought pizza with 10,000 bitcoins. However, in the future when crypto prices stabilize, and people start spending their cryptos more, TenX will be an integral part of that new global system, and the value of TenX (PAY) will grow exponentially.

In essence, this current rise of TenX might not be as short-lived as the pumps of many other altcoins. This could be the beginning of the next Bull Run for TenX (PAY).  The fundamentals are right, and news are acting as a catalyst to growth. Besides, it’s one of the few blockchain projects that has had a working product right from its early stages. Now that it is listed on Bithumb and several other major exchanges, more investors will definitely come in, and push it further up.


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