Cardano (ADA) made it to and above the value of one dollar per one unit back in January when the majority of the currencies enjoyed the pleasant current of gains in the market. However after the most recent dip that took over a great part of February as well as the most of March, made Cardano, alongside with the rest of the crypto market, lose around 50% of total market capitalization. After the market has been through a couple of more ups and downs since then, ADA has drifted from its record price of over 1$. However, the team behind the 7th-best currency in the market has been pretty active these days, so we are interested in finding out whether Cardano is able to get back to its all-time high by the end of 2018.

Cardano ADA and Metaps Plus

During the last week, Cardano (ADA) has sealed another crucial partnership for the further growth of this currency. In the spirit of looking for increased exposure to the crypto market, Cardano has partnered up with Metaps Plus.

Metaps Plus is a respectful company based in South Korea, working in the area of mobile payments and representing a mobile payment service. Due to the fact that Metaps Plus believes in blockchain technology and digital assets, the company decided o partner up with Cardano.

With the partnership, there came a higher level of exposure for ADA, as Cardano got included as one of the payments methods for Metaps Plus services, that way becoming available for millions of Metaps Plus users.

With the partnership being official, Cardano then became the first coin based in Asia to become a part of this mobile payment application.

The partnership was conducted on May 9th and was officially announced the same day. However, at the time, the market was plummeting so ADA didn’t get to feel the gains of the newly acquired partnership with Metaps Plus.

On the bright side, given the fact that Metaps Plus has over billion downloads for their Metaps Plus app with over 10 million transactions done on their platform, Cardano seem to have found a great partner, which could possibly help ADA get to the price of 1$ at one point by the end of the year, which would be the product of an increased exposure.

Cardano Heads towards Virtual Reality

Besides from being a part of numerous meet-ups where Cardano (ADA) has a chance to get media attention and present new projects, IOHK has announced a project called the Symphony of Blockchains where it is planned to have visuals incorporated into the presentation that would help a whole new audience understand what blockchain technology is about.

The presentation of the new project will include virtual reality features, so Cardano will be explained in a whole different way. IOHK is expecting to see a new audience getting interested in Cardano and blockchain technology.

With this project, all users should be able to enjoy a 3D environment that would enable them to explore blocks in a whole different way from the one we now know. Judging by the known details, the project seems pretty interesting, so it could potentially contribute to the future rebound of ADA.

 Cardano TestNet and the New Project

It was announced back at the end of April that Cardano will be launching two test nets prior to launching their new project, called Goguen.

With Goguen, Cardano (ADA) should allow its users, as powered by the team IOHK, to deploy their digital assets between different blockchain environments as enabled with the use of side chains.

In addition to this, Goguen should allow smart contract operations on the blockchain.

Prior to releasing Goguen, there will be two test nets released before. The first test net should be launched in less than two weeks, on May 28th, while the second is to be released by the end of the year.

With working on further technical improvements, it is easy to conclude that the two test nest alongside with Goguen, could potentially sky-rocket ADA towards and beyond the 1$ price.

Cardano and the Market

After a bullish trend of having the majority of currencies going up against the dollar while trading in the green, we can now see the market turning sluggish once again.

Following the recent change in the market, Cardano has dropped by -6.55% against the dollar, which means that ADA can now be traded at the price of 0.24$ per one unit.

Although this price is still far from the record price of 1.20$ per one unit, Cardano (ADA) does stand a chance against the market due to the most recent activities of their dev team, as well as their partnership with Metaps Plus.

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